ISI Mark Certification for Electric Immersion Water-Heaters

ISI Mark Certification for Electric Immersion Water-Heaters

Electric immersion water heaters become very useful in cold weather which provides us the facility of hot water for various purposes. Along with this, ensuring the safety and quality of such appliances becomes extremely important. So now how will we know whether the electric immersion water heater we are using is safe for us? This Bureau of Indian Standards which is the body of Indian government has set an Indian Standard IS 302 (Part 2/Sec 201) which is stands as a reliable indicator that electric immersion water heaters meet the stringent standards.

Now, Electric immersion water heaters are under mandatory BIS Certification and if you are a manufacturer of electric immersion water heaters you are not allowed to sell your products in Indian market without BIS Certification.

In this blog, we will explore the importance of ISI mark certification and how it contributes to the safety and performance of electric immersion water heaters.

Understanding ISI Mark Certification:

ISI mark is a mark that guarantees the quality and safety of the products which indicates that the products adhered it is certified by the Bureau of Indian Standards. If we talk about electric immersion water heaters, it must adhere ISI Mark as per IS 302 (Part 2/Sec 201) which outlines the requirements that electric immersion water heaters must meet to ensure their safety, efficiency, and durability.

IS 302 (Part 2/Sec 201)

Indian Standard IS 302 (Part 2/Sec 201) is set for electric immersion water heaters by Bureau of Indian Standards (Govt. of India). ISI Mark as per this Indian Standard is mandatory for all varieties of electric immersion water heaters.

This standard shows that electric immersion water heaters passed all required tests under the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).

Benefits of ISI Mark Certification for Electric Immersion Water Heaters:

  1. Safety Assurance: ISI mark certification ensures that electric immersion water heaters adhere to rigorous safety standards. This is important by considering the associated risks with electric appliances, especially those appliances which are involving in the use related to water. That’s why this certification process related to this type of Indian Standards includes testing for electrical safety, insulation, and protection against hazards.
  2. Reliability and Durability: Products with ISI Mark are tested and quality assured. It helps to gain the customer’s trust in the market because customers prefer to buy certified products. ISI Mark on electric immersion water heaters indicates that it is reliable and durable.
  3. Compliance with Indian Standards: ISI mark certification signifies compliance with the specific Indian Standard IS 302 (Part 2/Sec 201) for electric immersion water heaters. This not only meets regulatory requirements but also demonstrates a commitment to delivering products that align with the needs and expectations of Indian consumers.
  4. Energy Efficiency: ISI mark certification often includes criteria related to energy efficiency, encouraging manufacturers to design and produce electric immersion water heaters that consume energy responsibly. This not only benefits consumers in terms of lower energy bills but also contributes to environmental sustainability.
  5. Consumer Confidence: The ISI mark is a symbol of trust and quality assurance. Consumers are more likely to choose products with the ISI mark in the market, knowing that they have been independently verified for compliance with established standards. This builds confidence in the product’s performance and safety features.

ISI Mark Certification Process for Electric Immersion Water Heaters

Obtaining ISI Mark Certification for your product includes a series of steps and compliance with specific guidelines set by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). Here is the process for ISI Mark Certification for Electric Immersion Water Heaters:


For ISI mark license basically needs two types of documents

  1. General Company KYC like:
  2. premises document
  3. company reg. Documents like MOA, AOA/Partnership deed/ LLP register
  4. Udyam registration (MSME)
  5. GST copy
  1. Technical Documents

You will need some technical documents like:

  1. Testing facility details
  2. manufacturer facility details
  3. process flowchart
  4. product drawing
  5. raw material TC. etc
  1. Installation of In-House Laboratory

It is the most important and complicated step. To apply in the BIS, a manufacturer needs to install a testing facility to control their product quality. It is a mandatory requirement to get a BIS license, these details need technical expertise to identify the testing requirement of product and least count, range, and size of equipment.

  1. Sample Testing

Manufacturer needs to figure out their scope of license and grade/variety of product. On the basis of license scope, they have tested their sample with BIS lab.

  1. Submission of Application

After receiving the report installation of lab equipment to BIS final application will be submitted.

  1. Nomination of Officer

The head of department will nominate an officer to check the application.

In case of an incomplete application, the officer will raise the query and they may send closer notice

  1. Audit

An audit will be conducted on the factory premises. The audit officer will verify

  • Manufacturing process
  • Manufacturing Facility
  • Test facility
  • Test process
  • Raw material
  • Competency of OCT etc.

    7. Grant of ISI Mark Certification

If audit is satisfactory means your product samples have successfully passed the required testing, and your manufacturing facilities and quality management system meet the necessary standards, the license shall be granted within 5-10 days. The ISI mark can then be affixed to your certified products, indicating compliance with the Indian Standard.

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When it comes to electric immersion water heaters, ISI mark certification is not just a label; it’s a guarantee of safety, quality, and performance. Choosing appliances with the ISI mark ensures that you are investing in products that have undergone rigorous testing to meet the highest standards. Customers are aware and they know which products are safe and reliable with quality. So, if you are manufacturing electric immersion water heaters you must get BIS Certification to use ISI Mark on your products. Without BIS Certification you are allowed to sale your products in the market, selling without ISI Mark you can face legal consequences.

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