Laboratory Equipment

Equipment used in chemical and biological laboratories as well as equipment used in medical labs are examples of common laboratory equipment. Each laboratory tool is utilized for a certain purpose. The majority of the time, analytical uses are made of medical laboratory equipment. As a result, they are essential in making a variety of medical diagnoses. Typical laboratory equipment and its purposes are listed below.


The list of medical lab instruments that are mostly utilized in the medical industry for diagnostic reasons is provided below.

  • Microscope: Used to enlarge objects and is mostly used to see cells and tissues. This makes it easy to find out whether the blood sample contains many bacteria, viruses, or other illnesses. They are also employed to check for renal issues in urine sediment.
  • Hematology Analyzer: Blood tests are carried out on blood samples using this kind of medical laboratory equipment. There may be blood counts and clotting testing.
  • Analyzer for Urinalysis: This medical laboratory tool is mostly used to monitor illnesses brought on by infections in the urinary system.
  • Using an immunoassay analyzer, a variety of infectious disorders may be diagnosed in a medical laboratory. This equipment is also used for cardiac analyses and testing for cancer markers.
  • Medical autoclaves: These pieces of equipment are typically used in medical laboratories to sanitize surgical and pharmaceutical supplies.



The following is a list of some of the typical lab instruments used mostly in chemical and biochemistry labs.

  • A unique laboratory tool called a micropipette is used to measure liquids of tiny volumes so that they may be transferred more readily. The pipette has a measurement indicator. A smaller volume of liquid can be moved from one container to another in this manner.
  • Centrifuges are a type of lab apparatus that come in various sizes and designs. An insoluble substance can be removed from the sample using the equipment. As a result, it is employed to remove cells from a medium.
  • A laboratory tool that stirs substances automatically is a magnetic stirrer. The solution is stirred by a magnetic bead.
  • Using the Bain-Marie apparatus, heat may be transferred to a certain amount of liquid in a laboratory setting. It is utilized to keep cell culture media flasks at the proper temperature.
  • Glassware is the most crucial piece of scientific gear. Beakers, flasks, and other glassware items are used in labs. They are employed in the transportation, storage, and measurement of liquids. A unique kind of glassware used to heat liquids is the Florence flask.
  • Test tubes are typical laboratory tools used to collect a variety of materials. Certain chemical solutions are heated and mixed with it as well.



  • Keep your distance from chemicals.
  • Wear gloves and safety glasses while around chemicals.
  • Use the proper techniques while conducting experiments with lab apparatus.



  • The fundamental function of medical laboratory equipment is life support. For patients receiving medical attention in hospitals, some of the teams act as lifeguards. Most of them are technologically advanced life-saving medical laboratory equipment. It is employed to preserve crucial body processes. Ventilators, anesthetic equipment, ECMO, dialysis equipment, and cardiopulmonary bypass devices are a few examples of medical laboratory equipment that saves lives.
  • Diagnostics: This is a crucial area of application for medical lab technology. These medical laboratory tools are mostly used for testing, which allows for the most accurate diagnosis possible of genuine medical disorders or diseases. MRI, X-ray, CT, PET, and other diagnostic medical tools are a few examples. The equipment used in these medical laboratories is crucial for providing medical care.
  • Medical laboratory equipment with a therapeutic focus supports the real therapeutic process.
  • Lasers, infusion pumps, and other therapeutic medical laboratory equipment are a few examples.
  • Analysis: Using medical laboratory equipment, various biological compounds are examined. They are employed to examine human blood and urine samples.


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