TAC Approval for Automobile

Know About Type Approval Certificate (TAC) Certification/Approval?

Type Approval Certificate(TAC) includes many tests to ensure that the vehicle meets the required standards. For a product, it is important to have TAC certification before the introduction into the market because TAC Approval or certificate is authorised by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways to meet the required standards whether they are technical and safety requirements or regulatory requirements. TAC Approval for Automobiles plays a crucial role in many ways.

The TAC approval process can take several months to complete too. The exact period also depends on the complexity of the vehicle and the availability of testing facilities. If a vehicle has successfully passed the TAC approval process, it will be issued a TAC certificate. 

TAC certificate is valid for five years. Let us tell you that, If you are planning to import any vehicle or product in a particular market in India then you have to ensure that it has been homologated for that market. If we discuss the Homologation Certification then it is a kind of TAC Approval Testing Method which certifies the vehicles for roadworthiness in meeting the government standards for all vehicles imported in our country.

You must know that homologation certification is important for ensuring the safety and performance of vehicles and products and as per Rule 126 of the Central Motor Vehicle Rules, 1989 designated ARAI(Automotive Research Association of India) which is one of the major testing and certification organizations and it is designed by Government of India. 

For your better understanding let me tell you that, ARAI provides certification, training as well and consultancy services to the automotive industry. Not only this it also supports automakers as well as it also helps to promote the development of new technologies in the Indian automotive industry.

There are many products which require TAC Certification such as Brake Hoses and door Locks, Electronics for automobiles, Safety Batteries, Batteries, Tyres, Seat Belts, Fax machines, Lights, Glass,  Electronics for automobiles, and Tanks for fuel or petrol.

Which Document and Eligibility is required for Automobile TAC Approval?

TAC Certification in India signifies that an automobile meets all applicable performance. You must understand that the TAC certificate is mandatory for all automobiles manufactured or imported for sale in our country.

Here is a list of documents you must consider for TAC Approval For Automobile –¬†

  1. Sample of the product
  2. Compliance Report
  3. Letters of Authorization (It must be from the product’s producer for the trader)
  4. Technical product manuals

TAC Approval is a must for Indian distributors, traders of foreign products or importers, and Manufacturers of goods. Not only this, It is important to have a foreign manufacturer who has established its business in India.

It is also necessary for Commercial vehicles, Electric vehicles, vehicles that are used for racing purposes such as Formula One, police or military vehicles, and more.

How To Do Registration for TAC Certification? 

Need of Application Form Filling Process – By completing the whole process of TAC Certification Registration form on the applicant’s behalf we make sure that your journey becomes easier. Our team will be responsible for managing the whole TAC Certification process.

Provide required documents – It is important to submit all the documents for verification.

Payment of charges РMake payment to our team who will guide you through this process. 

Document submission – Sending required documents for certification.

TAC Certification Approval – A copy of your TAC certificate is mailed by the team.

Importance of TAC Certificate

TAC Approval in IndiaLet me tell you that the TAC Approval for Automobiles is a must for the mentioned list of products. To receive a TAC Certificate you must reach out to Induce India Testing and Research Private Limited which provides its support to the product’s producer. You must understand that there are a few tests too which are needed for the TAC certification in India.¬†

Tests that are needed for TAC Approval are Electro-Magnetic Compatibility test, electrical and mechanical testing, Tests of photometry for TAC license, Harsh Vibration from Noise testing for homologation and powertrain, Passive and Active Safety, Performance testing, Crash testing, etc

What is the Process for an Automobile TAC Certificate?

Firstly, It is required that you must fill in all the details in the form. Then submit all required documents with it. After this, proper examination of the TAC certification application. Then you have to submit supporting documents for verification that must be corrected before applying. 

Secondly, a particular charge must be paid for the TAC certification. After this, review the submitted documents from a government-recommended, accredited testing facility to get a TAC certificate for an automobile. You must understand that it is important that requirements must be made before conducting each test of automotive electronics at the Manufacturer’s operation.¬†

Later on, an Audit of the factory is also a crucial step to ensure product testing reports and any other documents. 

After the audit of the factory, the auditor will provide a TAC Certificate for the automotive industry. Generally, it takes two months for foreign manufacturers. Whereas, It takes around a month for Indian producers to receive their TAC certificates. As a manufacturer, you must keep in mind that if they find out each piece of information in the correct way and with proper documents then only they provide TAC Certification. Then there must be labelling of the car products and their parts.

Are there any benefits for TAC Certification?

The most important benefit of this certification is that it gives assurance that the makers of the product have technical and safety guidelines for the citizens of this country and it offers assurance for them. Whereas if the manufacturer fails to do so then this could lead to penalties and charges. This also increases the customer’s confidence as well as access to new markets.

Why Choose Induce India?

Induce India is a leading provider of TAC certification services among the other TAC certifications in India. So our team offers a wide range of services. You might not believe it but it makes the process of TAC certification smooth. Induce India team has experts, who give the best possible service.

Induce India team understands that the TAC certification process is complex and time-consuming too. But we simplify the process for you. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure that you get your TAC Certification smoothly. 

To make your TAC certification journey easier or to simplify your TAC licensing process for automobiles, get in touch with Induce India. 

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