BIS Certification for Wireless Headphones & Earphones

How To Obtain BIS Certification for Wireless Headphones & Earphones?

BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) certification for wireless headphones and earphones includes a step-by-step process. According to IS 616: 2017 as part of the Compulsory Registration Scheme, the wireless headphones and earphones must be registered with BIS. Let’s understand the process of BIS certification for wireless headphones and earphones in India.

The Basic Requirements for Wireless Headphones and Earphones

BIS Certification for Wireless headphones and earphones includes some basic factors such as Product, Manufacturing address, trademark, and manufacturer. Every applicant should understand these basic requirements for the completion of BIS Certification for wireless headphones and earphones.

  1. Product – Each product comes under a specific category. If the manufacturer is manufacturing more than one product, then it is necessary to apply for separate BIS certification.
  2. Manufacturing Unit Address – Each manufacturing unit has a specific location which should be mentioned in the necessary document. In case a manufacturer has more than one manufacturing unit then separate BIS certification is required for the manufacturing unit.
  3. Manufacturer – BIS certification is only granted to product manufacturers. This certification is not provided to retailers, importers, or traders of products. They can act as an Authorised Indian Representative, but the BIS licence is issued in the name of the manufacturers.
  4. Trademark – If the manufacturer is manufacturing the same product for more than one company then it is necessary to apply for different BIS certifications.

Essential Documents for BIS Certification for Wireless Headphones and Earphones

BIS Registration for electronics reflects quality and safety standards. It also provides consumers with reliable and safe audio accessories. Multiple documents that are required for BIS certification are a business license of the manufacturing location, ISO Certificate of the manufacturing, filled critical component form, Construction Data Form, Letter of Authorisation, complete form of BIS application, Trademark Certificate, Photo ID of Authorised Signatory, details of marking on the product, product manual, AIR registration proof in India Certificate of Incorporation.

Process for Obtaining BIS Certification for Wireless Headphones & Earphones

The procedure for obtaining BIS certification for wireless headphones and earphones varies for foreign and domestic manufacturers.

For domestic manufacturers, the first step is a submission of a complete form on the BIS portal. Secondly, product sample testing is done in BIS-authorised labs. Then submission of an offline hard copy of the application form and test reports to the BIS officials. When BIS officers verify every document and your application then they grant BIS certification to the manufacturer.

On the other hand, BIS certification for foreign manufacturers includes other steps that begin with the nomination of AIR (who represents the foreign manufacturer). The submission of the application form with all necessary documents is done on the BIS portal. The products undergo testing and verification by the BIS-authorised labs. Later, offline, or online copies of the application and test reports are submitted that are verified by the BIS officers. After verification, they grant the BIS certification. It typically takes about fifteen days to grant the BIS Certification, but it may take up to 2 months.

Benefits of BIS Certification for Wireless Headphones & Earphones

BIS registration for wireless headphones and earphones in India showcases that the product meets quality and safety standards.  This certification involves testing and evaluation of Wireless Headphones and earphones. Products that undergo BIS registration represent safety. This also enhances the smooth entry of products into the Indian market and improves international trade in the electronics sector. This certification also increases the trust and credibility of that specific product.


The BIS certification includes safety and quality testing and verification which increases the importance of the product in the market. This certification also encourages manufacturers to continually improve their products. Devices that achieved BIS certification meet the standards and regulations defined by the Indian Government.

With the help of a BIS Consultant in India, manufacturers can bring expertise during the path of BIS certification to your product. A BIS consultant ensures a smoother and remarkable journey for manufacturers and importers. From application submission to post-certification renewal, BIS consultants work with the right approach. Not only this, but consultants also manage the renewal process and take care of necessary documents to maintain the product’s certification validity.

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