The BIS authority in India, a member of the International Organization for Standardization, provides this kind of code to Indian automakers for use in worldwide identification. It is the first component of the vehicle identification number (VIN), also known as the chassis number, and along with the other components of the VIN, it guarantees that every vehicle created anywhere in the world has a unique VIN. This code may be made up of both letters and digits. In collaboration with the Society of Automotive Engineers Inc., USA, and the worldwide organization in charge of car maintenance, the International Relations and Technical Information Services Division of BIS offers the WMI Code Assignment Service to Indian automobile manufacturers.

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

VIN, which is a popular abbreviation for unique serial numbers, is a unique serial number used by the automobile industry to identify certain motor vehicles. Because there was no recognized standard for these numbers before 1980, many manufacturers employed various forms for their usage. different formats

The letters I, O, and Q are not present in the current 17-character VINs. The VIN is based on two related standards, ISO 3779 and ISO 3780, which were first published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in 1979 and 1980, respectively. They do not contain the letters I, O, or Q. The relevant but slightly differing implementations of these ISO standards have been approved by the European Union and the United States of America.

This global system of standard identifying numbers for road vehicles establishes the format and information that must be included in the VIN. Road vehicles, VINs, content, and construction are covered by ISO 3779. WMI code is ISO 3780 for road vehicles.



(As per ISO 3833) (As per ISO 3833)

  • Motors Vehicles
  • Trailers
  • Motor-cycles
  • Mopeds



  • Any sort of business, person, or corporation under whose care a vehicle has been put together into an operational unit.
  • The VIN’s uniqueness will be guaranteed by the same.
World Manufacturer Identifier (WMI) Code


WMI’s registration authority

  • The US-based SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) issues and registers WMIs to nations and manufacturers.
  • The location of the manufacturer is the first character of WMI. Each is given a manufacturing nation to practice in.


The section describing the vehicle

  • The VIN’s fourth through ninth positions are designated as the Vehicle Descriptor Section or VDS.
  • To determine the kind of vehicle, which may include details on the model, platform, and body style utilized in accordance with local requirements.
  • A manufacturer uses this field in a certain way. When a vehicle has more than one engine option, several manufacturers utilized the eighth digit to indicate the engine type prior to the 1980s.


Coding for Model Year

A0020 The 10th digit needed to designate the vehicle model year is what makes the VIS distinctive. The letters U and Z, as well as the numeral 0, are not utilized for the model year code, with the exception of the three letters (I, O, and Q), which are prohibited from being used in the VIN itself. The year code corresponds to the vehicle model year. And the factory code is 

the 11th digit of the code that represents the car’s manufacturer. However, each manufacturer has a unique set of factory codes, and the VIN positions for these codes are standardized.


Procedure for WMI registration

  • ¬†Confirmation of application and verification of supporting documents¬†
  • ¬†Proposal of WMI code according to the series and entry of same in BIS database¬†
  • ¬†Registration with SAE International, USA¬†
  • ¬†Letter of confirmation from SAE International¬†
  • ¬†Notification from WMI to the applicant companies


Conditions for a WMI Number

  • Name, location, and business address of the manufacturing facility
  • Memorandum of Article photocopy.
  • A photocopy of the industrial license for conducting automotive production, certified by an authorized signature.
  • Installation capacity, the annual production of automobiles, their technical specifications, brand names, etc (model-wise).
  • If you are currently utilizing a coding system, please describe it.
  • Size of the business, whether it is little or huge.
  • According to ISO 3779/3780/4030, the detail of VDS and section of VIN must be accompanied by drawings.
  • a demand draft (DD) for Rs. 5000 + 12.36 percent, or Rs. 5618, made out to the “Bureau of Indian Standards” and due in New Delhi
  • the number of automobiles that will be manufactured this year (proposed).



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