Domestic Product Certification in India

Quality assurance of any product is necessary in our country because Domestic Product Certifications are considered as a mark which assures that the product meets a certain set of standards and defines the quality of that product. Product Certification specifies the area of particular product origin, product’s mode of production, product’s nature and its characteristics, etc. There are many types of marks which are under the Product Certification in India. Each product is identified by lab testing before applying for Domestic Product Certification in India.

Which is the most important Domestic Product Certification in India?

Let us tell you that, Domestic Product Certifications include some of the most important certifications which are –¬†

Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) Certification

It includes mandatory certification schemes which are basically designed to protect the public interest. Not only this these also ensure environmental safety, health of citizens, ethical business practices, Agricultural products, and more. BIS is the national standards body of India which includes certain products like electronic goods, construction materials and agricultural products, medical devices, etc. BIS certification is important in many ways because it helps businesses in improving their reputation in the market. 

How to obtain Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) Certification?

Firstly you have to find out the Indian Standard for your product from the list of Indian Standards available on the BIS website.

Then you have to submit an application form which you can download from the BIS website. After this, there is submission of product samples for the assessment and it should meet the requirements of the Indian Standard. Then, BIS conducts an audit of the product’s manufacturing unit.¬†

After this quality management system helps to ensure that the products must fulfil the requirements of the Indian Standards and if the manufacturing unit passes the BIS audit, then BIS certification will be granted. 


This certification is for agricultural products and it ensures that the product must fulfil certain standards from its quality to purity. Agmark certification is for fruits, vegetables, spices, edible oils, dairy products, etc. 

This certification is issued by the Directorate of Marketing and Inspection which is under the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare. Agmark certification helps producers in order to improve the quality of their products. Not only this, this certification also provides consumers with a guarantee that the product they are buying is hygienic. 

How to obtain Agmark certification?

If you want to get Agmark certification then you have to follow these steps- 

Firstly identify the Agmark standard for your product and then you have to submit an application to the Directorate of Marketing and Inspection. After this, you have to submit product samples for assessment and then the quality management system checks each product in order to ensure the product quality. Then, a DMI audit will take place of the particular manufacturing facility. After the approval, you will get Agmark certification. 


Ecomark certification is issued by the Bureau of Indian Standards and it is important that products must fulfil the environmental standards which means certification that helps consumers to identify products that are less harmful to the environment and environment friendly. 

How to obtain Ecomark certification?

For Ecomark certification firstly you have to identify the relevant Ecomark standard for your product from the BIS website. Then, submit an application form to BIS. After this step you have to submit the samples for testing and the environmental management system helps to ensure that your products and manufacturing facility must fulfil the requirements of the Ecomark standard. Later on, the BIS audit of the manufacturing facility will take place. When the audit is completed and the manufacturing facility passes the audit then you will get Ecomark certification. 

ISI (Indian Standards Institute) Certification

As each product certification has its own relevancy ISI Certification is also one of those certificates. This mark is basically recognised for the standard industrial products in India. For electronic products, it is mandatory to have an ISI Mark. ISI certification not only helps in growth of business but also promotes consumers’ safety and quality of products, etc.¬†

There are many benefits of ISI Certification such as increase in market access, financial assistance from the government, consumer confidence and loyalty will increase for your product, etc. 

How to get ISI Certification? 

In order to get ISI Certification you have to complete this process- 

Firstly find a list of Indian Standards (IS) on the BIS website and then Identify the relevant Indian Standard for your product from that list. After this step, you have to submit an application to BIS, and in addition to this, you have to submit product samples for testing too. 

Then, the implementation of a quality management system will take place. If your product samples have passed testing then the conduction of an audit will be done by BIS and if they find out manufacturing facilities are in the perfect way BIS will grant you ISI certification. 

Remember that ISI product certification plays a very important role in any electronic product. It is important that you must consult for ISI Certification. Among the best ISI Certification Consultants INDUCE INDIA will help and guide you so that you can easily understand the requirements of the process and ensure that your application is complete.

FPO (Fruit Products Order) Mark

This certification is for all processed fruit products sold in our country such as pickles, fruit jams, fruit beverages, etc. As per the Food Safety and Standards Act of 2006. This mark reveals that the fruit product is manufactured under hygienic conditions and it is approved for consumption.

How to get FPO Certification? 

The FPO (Fruit Products Order) certification process is a bit different from other certification processes which we discussed here. In this firstly you have to submit an application to the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) and you have to include these documents also for certification –¬†

  • Company’s or Manufacturer’s registration certificate
  • Description of the manufacturing process
  • Reports from recognized lab
  • list of the products which must be certified
  • Declaration of compliance with FPO standards
  • After submitting documents you have to pay the charges and FSSAI officials do the audit of the manufacturing facility. Later on, the FSSAI will issue an FPO certificate.¬†

Which documents are required for Domestic Product Certification?  

There are several documents which are required for any application filed under BIS. Authorisation documents, Business License, ISO Certificates to the manufacturer, Trademark Certificates, Laboratory Test Reports, authorisation Letters, each testing document, Product manuals, and scope of Business License all these documents are required for Domestic Product Certification in India. 

What is the procedure for obtaining Domestic Product Certification in India? 

As we already discussed every certification procedure now we will define your procedure in an easier way. The steps included in the Product Certification in India are- 

  • Application must be submitted with needed documents in the form.
  • Products go for laboratory testing at a BIS recognised lab.
  • If any objection is raised by BIS after the testing or assessment then the applicant must respond to it with proof.¬†
  • Manufacturing facility audit in order to check that and inspect the machinery and products.¬†
  • Product Certificates will be provided after completion of this process.

Process For Domestic Product Certification

What are the benefits of Domestic Product Certifications? 

There are many benefits of Domestic Product Certifications. One of them is increasing and boosting consumer confidence in the product, and assurance of quality and it also helps businesses to grow more in the global marketplace. This also led to increased sales and growth in the economy of the country. 

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