Standardization (Scientific) Division

The most painful time for the Indian economy, which nearly brought it to its knees, was during British control. The Indian economy has a very difficult time building the proper infrastructure. In light of this, the present administration decided to establish a committee of a few members to focus on product quality after understanding the need for a body to oversee product quality in order to prevent consumers from being overcharged. As a result, the “Indian Standard Institute,” an institution dedicated to the advancement of standardization, was established.

Standardization is a METHOD of methodically developing and putting into practice rules/norms for a particular object/activity for the benefit and with the involvement of all those involved for the current and future sustainable development of business and industry, taking into account functional conditions and safety requirements.



Supporting and advising the industry in the development of standards is the primary function of the standardization department (scientific).

These are the duties performed by this department:

  • Assisting businesses in developing new standards
  • Investigating global quality management guidelines and standards
  • Updating and revising current standards in close collaboration with governmental organizations.



  • In India, standardization starts when a proposal is sent to BIS. Any organization, including the Department of Central Government, State Governments, Union Territorial Administrations, consumer advocacy groups, business entities, business associations, professional organizations, and members of the Bureau and its Technical Committees, may ask BIS to cancel an existing standard upon written request. The suggestion is being looked upon by the Division Council.
  • The departmental council will create a new technical committee or assign the duty of writing a proposal to an existing technical committee if it determines after reviewing the proposal that it must benefit the consumer.
  • In conducting its investigations, the Technological Committee considers factors such as national priorities, regional trends, technical requirements, consumer health, safety, etc.
  • After carefully considering all of the feedback, the technical committee put the draft standard into its final form. Send the idea to the Division Council’s president for final approval.



  • Project initiation: A request from a manufacturer that wishes to cover their product according to Indian standards, if Indian standards are not currently available for this product category, might kick off the project. The initial stage is to obtain the product’s technical specifications, as well as a physical sample (in some situations), so that we can begin developing the characteristics that should be included in the standards for that specific product category.
  • Mobilize Action: After obtaining technical details or a physical sample of the product, our management team and engineers schedule a meeting to go through the scope, features, specs, and other essential product information. Proper planning and research are carried out.
  • Standardization – After analyzing and reviewing all of the qualities, a standard is created for a certain product/subject.
  • Scrutiny – The draft Standard Proposal is forwarded to BIS. They will examine the plan, after which a second team of specialists and engineers will be assembled to perform a more thorough evaluation of the submitted application.
  • Final Approval – If BIS considers the proposal acceptable, it is approved and standard language commences.
  • Finally, the standard is published by BIS, and individuals responsible in the different departments take additional efforts to assure its adoption.



  • Chemicals
  • Construction Engineering
  • Information Technology and Electronics
  • Food and Agriculture Electrotechnology
  • Management and Systems in Mechanical Engineering
  • Hospital Planning and Medical Equipment
  • Engineering in Metallurgy
  • Petroleum Coal and Related Materials
  • Transport Engineering Textile Water Resources Production & General Engineering Services Sector Department



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