Types of BIS Certification Schemes

Types of BIS Certification Schemes

There are several certification schemes run by BIS for issuing several products. These certifications aim to ensure that the consumer receives high-quality and safe products. For some products the certification scheme is voluntary but the Indian government made it mandatory to get BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) certification for specific products like aluminium foil, helmets, toys, water heaters, etc. To achieve a BIS license manufacturers must understand what are the types of it and then its procedure. Let’s find out the different types of BIS certification.

BIS Compulsory Registration Scheme 

The compulsory Registration Scheme for electronics and its products falls under BIS. This scheme was introduced in 2012 to provide high-quality and good-performance electronic products. According to the BIS Compulsory Registration Scheme, manufacturers cannot sell, import, or even distribute products that do not have a standard mark with a unique registration number provided by BIS. Products must follow all the standards and these are tested in a BIS-approved laboratory.

Foreign Manufacturer Certification Scheme 

The foreign manufacturer certification scheme allows foreign manufacturers to use standard ISI marks on their products and then sell them in India. Under this scheme, foreign manufacturers use the ISI mark on a product and this ensures consumers that the product is safe to use, risk-free, and high quality. Foreign manufacturers must obtain BIS certification for their products to increase trust in consumers and assure them of high-quality products.

BIS Hallmark Registration 

Hallmarking is the process through which consumers assess the purity of the gold or silver ornaments. Without this registration, a jeweller cannot obtain the license and won’t be a certified owner. Hallmarked jewellery is known for its high value and saves consumers from buying impure gold. Jewellers must obtain this registration to show that their product meets the specific standards and consumers can confidently choose their brand while buying gold or silver jewellery.

ECO mark 

The BIS ECO mark is a symbol of environmentally friendly products. It ensures that the product is safe to use and does not contain chemicals that can harm the environment. Products such as Packaging Materials, Architectural Paints, Food Additives, Plastic Products, Cosmetics, etc. These products must contain the ECO logo and ISI mark to show that their products meet specific Environmental standards. Manufacturers should make sure that their products follow all the standards because they have been tested and samples are collected for analyzing the quality of your products.

ISI Mark Certification Scheme 

The ISI mark on your products specifies that the product is safe and meets all the standards. Manufacturers should obtain BIS licenses to increase the trust of consumers and give them assurity of the best quality. It is a symbol of trust for many buyers. Products such as glass and glassware, medical equipment, wire and cables, shoes and leather products, oil pressure stoves, primary batteries, rubber, food-related products, etc required this certification. 

Obtaining an ISI mark requires passing various tests and inspections to ensure the product meets the relevant Indian Standards. Various documents and steps are required to complete for obtaining this mark on your product. You can also take the help of a BIS ISI certification consultant in India to achieve this mark on your product without any obstacles. 


From aluminium foil to leather shoes, some products need BIS Certification and manufacturers must understand the need for various certifications that fall under BIS.  A Foreign manufacturer certification scheme, ECO mark, ISI certification mark, BIS hallmarking registration, and Compulsory Registration Scheme, come under BIS and protect consumers from buying non-certified products. You have to submit the documents and make sure to complete all the steps of that specific process that is required for your product. 

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