BIS ISI Certification for Helmets

BIS ISI Certification for Helmets

Helmets protect us from most accidents and manufacturers of helmets must obtain Bureau of Indian Standard Indian Standards Institute (BIS ISI) certification. The Transport and Highway Ministry also released a notification that has banned the use of helmets that do not contain an ISI mark. 

Even India’s government has updated old helmet standards with new standards. BIS ISI certification is a quality assurance that the Indian Government implements. BIS ISI certification is necessary in India and it is a commitment towards road safety and reducing the risk of head injuries. 

Importance of BIS ISI Certification for Helmets

BIS certification is necessary for helmets, it assures that the product has undergone various testing procedures and meets specific criteria of safety standards. Not only this, it also increases the trust of consumers in your helmets and your helmets gain consumer preference compared to products that do not have ISI mark. As a manufacturer, you have to look into the trademark registration of your products. Trademark Registration in India is a legal process that includes a specific logo or symbol that defines your company’s product. It also prevents others from using it without permission. The BIS ISI mark promotes consumer safety and the use of high-quality products. It also enhances the growth of your company and increases market reach. BIS promotes safety for Indian riders and helmets for two-wheelers must be tested and certified and under the Indian Standard IS 4151. 

Documents that are Necessary for the BIS ISI Certification for Helmets

Many documents are necessary for the BIS ISI certification for helmets. Here we are going to tell you these documents. 

Proof of Indian Residency, Company Registration Certificate copy, Flow chart that depicts the process of manufacturing, Details of the Insurance policy, Particulars of the Directors of the company, Copy of bank statement, Details of the ownership of the property, Product test reports, Utility bills, List of in-house testing equipment, Layout plan of the factory, Details of the raw materials used, calibration certificate of the equipment. 

Process of BIS ISI Certification for Helmets 

This certification is provided only by manufacturers whether it is domestic or foreign which means those who produce the finished product will be awarded ISI Certification. This will not be provided to any product importers, traders, or any distributors. Now let’s understand what is the procedure for obtaining this certificate. 

The first step of this process is the customization of the manufacturing unit as per the Indian Standards. You have to identify the Indian Standard and establish in-house testing facilities to meet the Standard’s requirements. The next step is filling out the application form and preparing all the internal test reports of the product then compiling all the necessary documents. Make sure that all the information in the application form is correct and make the online application fee payment directly to BIS. Submit the hard copy of the Application Form with all documents to the Branch Office of BIS. You have to look into the audit fees for inspection and confirm with the BIS inspection team for the testing and inspection. You have to look into coordinating travel, and boarding for the visiting team.  

During the factory visit conduction of assessment that includes manufacturing infrastructure, production process, and quality control. BIS officials check the samples of your product. Submitting the samples that are collected by the visiting team for testing in their labs. You have to correct the information that is pointed out by the inspection team. Submit the proof of rectification to close non-conformities and pay the annual licence fees to BIS. After this, BIS officials will grant the BIS ISI certificate. 


The manufacturer must apply for the BIS ISI certificate for the helmet. It enhances the consumer’s safety and keeps the quality a top priority. This certification also enhances the growth of your product reach. Some documents are necessary for this certification. You have to follow every step of this process and must complete the required fee amount submission. Whereas for trademarks you can take help from Trademark Registration Consultant in India. These consultants help in providing the right guidance during the procedure. The BIS ISI addresses the construction, materials, and safety specifications of the product. As a manufacturer, you should obtain this certification for helmets to increase the demand for your product and decrease the chances of accidents. Different types of helmets fall under this certification and without this certification, you cannot export or import your helmet into the Indian markets. 

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