ISI Mark Certification for Paver Blocks

ISI Mark Certification for Paver Blocks

As the paver blocks are widely used in construction and infrastructure development. They are widely used for sustainable solutions for roads, walkways, and various landscaping works. To ensure the quality and safety of these essential building materials, the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) introduced the Indian Standards IS 15658:2021, which lays down the specifications for paver blocks. Considering its important uses in construction projects across the India Bureau of Indian Standards has made ISI Mark mandatory for Paver Blocks.

Why ISI Mark Certification Mandatory for Paver Blocks?

1. Quality Assurance: ISI Mark is considered the symbol of quality assurance. This mark indicates that the paver blocks are certified and comply with the specific requirements as per IS 15658:2021. This standard for paver blocks includes various parameters such as their durability, dimension, strength, and water absorption capacity. These parameters are important for ensuring the durability and safety of paver blocks.

If paver blocks are certified with ISI Mark, it assures the customers and builders that it thoroughly tested and meet these quality benchmark

2. Compliance with National Standards: ISI Mark Certification ensures that Paver Blocks are in accordance with specified Indian Standards set by BIS (Govt. body of India). This standard helps to improve the quality, safety and durability of paver blocks.

3. Safety and Reliability: Paver blocks are commonly used in pedestrian and vehicle areas, and must be able to withstand the rigors of daily use. The ISI mark for paver block ensures that it has gone through all the necessary tests which are important to prevent accidents and structural failures in the long run.

4. Consumer Confidence: If we talk about customer trust, customers and builders prefer ISI Marked Paver Blocks because ISI Mark shows product quality. This mark increases customer trust in your product in the market.

The IS 15658:2021 Standard

The Indian Standards IS 15658:2021 standard outlines the various parameters and requirements that paver blocks must meet for ISI Mark Certification. Some of the key aspects covered by this standard include Dimensional Requirements, Compressive Strength, Water Absorption, Durability, Marking, and labeling. If you are a manufacturer of Paver Blocks then you must have BIS Certification for ISI Mark your products as per IS 15658:2021 under the Bureau of Indian Standards.

ISI Mark Certification Process for Paver Blocks

Obtaining ISI Mark Certification for your product includes a series of steps and compliance with specific guidelines set by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). Here is the process for ISI Mark Certification for Paver Blocks:


For ISI mark license basically needs two types of documents

General Company KYC like:

a. premises document

b. company reg. Documents like MOA, AOA/Partnership deed/ LLP register

c. Udyam registration (MSME)

d. GST copy

Technical Documents –

You will need some technical documents like:

a. Testing facility details

b. manufacturer facility details

c. process flowchart

d. product drawing

e. raw material TC. etc


It is the most important and complicated step. To apply in the BIS, manufacturer need to install testing facility to control their product quality. It is mandatory requirement to get BIS license, these details need technical expertise to identify the testing requirement of product and least count, range and size of equipment.


Manufacturer need to figure out their scope of license and grade/variety of product. On the basis of license scope, they have tested their sample with bis lab.


After receiving report installation of lab equipment to BIS final application will be submitted.


The head of department will nominate an officer to check the application.

In case of incomplete application, the officer will raise the query and they may send closer notice

  1. AUDIT

Audit will be conduct to the factory premises. The audit officer will verify

  • Manufacturing process
  • Manufacturing facility
  • Test facility
  • Test process
  • Raw material
  • Competency of OCT etc.

7. Grant of ISI Mark Certification:

If an audit is satisfactory means your product samples have successfully passed the required testing, and your manufacturing facilities and quality management system meet the necessary standards, the license shall be granted within 5-10 days. The ISI mark can then be affixed to your certified products, indicating compliance with the Indian Standard.

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Mandatory ISI Mark Certification for paver blocks as per Indian Standards IS 15658:2021 is a significant step toward ensuring the quality and safety of these essential construction materials. It benefits consumers, builders, and the construction industry by providing a clear indication of product quality and adherence to national standards. By choosing ISI Mark Certification for paver blocks, you are not only investing in quality but also contributing to safer, more sustainable construction practices in India.

It’s often beneficial to consult with BIS Consultants, such as INDUCE INDIA, to navigate the complex certification process effectively.

These consultants can provide guidance, and assistance with documentation, and help you understand the specific requirements of the ISI certification process, ensuring that your application is complete and meets all necessary criteria. For more information feel free to contact us call at +91-7503304082 or email at [email protected]

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