BIS Certification for Storage Battery

BIS Certification for Storage Battery

BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) certification for storage batteries is a crucial part that ensures your product meets the quality and safety standards. As per the Government of India, you(a storage battery manufacturer or a few more product manufacturers) cannot import, distribute, or sell products that do not meet the Indian standards IS 16270:2014. BIS certification for storage batteries is a mandatory requirement and now here we will let you know the details of the BIS registration process

Importance of BIS Certification for Storage Battery

BIS certification for storage batteries acts as a mark of quality and safety. It assures consumers that the storage batteries they purchase have undergone testing and verification. This certification shows that the product is fulfilling the standards that are specified for batteries. This builds the confidence in consumers that the product is good to use. 

BIS certification is a mandatory requirement in our country and it is important to obtain by the manufacturers or importers. Without BIS certification, storage batteries cannot be legally sold in the Indian market. BIS certification also improves the global competitiveness of storage batteries. Not only this, but it also enhances easier market access and contributes to the growth of Indian manufacturers. It also strengthens your position as a manufacturer in global markets. 

Components of BIS Certification for Storage Battery 

The four essential components of BIS certification for storage batteries include the Product, Manufacturer, Trademark, and Manufacturing address. Let’s understand these components in detail. 

Product – The product is an essential component of BIS certification. To get BIS certification, the product undergoes testing and verification procedures to ensure that the product is following standards that are specified by the government. It is essential that if there is more than one product then the manufacturer has to apply for two separate BIS certifications must be obtained for each product. 

Manufacturer –  BIS certification is essential for a manufacturer’s product because it also increases the credibility of that manufacturer. This component ensures that the manufacturer emphasizes all the standards and focuses on manufacturing high-quality storage batteries. BIS certification is only issued to the product manufacturer. On the other hand, importers, retailers, and traders act as authorized representatives of a manufacturer in India. A BIS license is always issued in the name of the manufacturer. 

Manufacturing Address – The manufacturing address improves the transparency in the BIS certification process. The application and supporting documents must define a proper manufacturing address.

Trademark – The use of a trademark is a representation of BIS certification. This component helps consumers to easily identify certified products. 

Documents Required for BIS Certification for Storage Battery

Multiple documents are essential for BIS Certification for storage batteries. Fully completed CCL/CDF form(Construction Data Form and critical component list form), Business license of manufacturing infrastructure, ISO certificate of manufacturing, letter of trademark authorization, Photo ID of authorized signatory or authorized Indian representative, letter of authorization, Filled form of BIS application, Certificate of Incorporation,  trademark certificate, Technical specifications of product (user manual), marking label, AIR company registration proof. 

Process of BIS Registration for Storage Battery 

The procedure of BIS certification for storage batteries may differ as per the location of the manufacturing setup. It is important to understand the BIS Certification for storage batteries in our country varies from foreign countries. 

Here we are going to tell you the process of BIS certification for storage batteries for domestic manufacturers –

1. Fill out the form for BIS certification with documents and then submit that online application form. Ensure that every detail that you have filled must be accurate. 

2. The product samples then undergo for testing procedure from BIS authorised laboratory. 

3. Submit the online or offline copy of the application form and test report to the officials. 

4. BIS officials then verify the application form which must contain the required documents. 

5. After verification BIS officials will grant BIS certification. 

The BIS certification process differs for foreign manufacturers. Let’s understand the process for these manufacturers. 

1. It is necessary to Nominate an authorized Indian Representative who can represent a foreign manufacturer. 

2. Submission of application form which includes all the required documents. 

3. Product samples undergo the testing process to BIS authorized labs. 

4. Submission of online or offline copy of the application which also includes sample test reports of storage batteries. 

5. BIS officials verify the application form and after completion of verification, they grant BIS certification. 


This process can become easier with the help of BIS certification consultants. Induce India is a BIS Certification consultant in India that provides immediate assistance to manufacturers., importers, or traders who seek help for BIS certification for storage batteries or any other product. Under their guidance manufacturer can make an informed decision throughout their BIS certification journey. By achieving BIS certification for your storage batteries you can grow in global markets and can ensure your product’s quality and safety standards. 

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