BIS QCO for Nickel

BIS QCO for Nickel

In a significant move to ensure quality and standards of Nickel in India, Ministry of Mines has recently notified a new QCO, Quality Control Order to make BIS Certification mandatory for Nickel. This order mandates BIS Certification for Nickel. It is a significant move to enhance the overall quality and reliability of Nickel products.

Date of Implementation of this QCO

  • This order may be called the Nickel (Quality Control) Amendment Order, 2023.
  • As mentioned in published QCO, this order shall come into force with effect from 01/06/2024.

Compulsory use of standard mark for Nickel

From the date of implementation of this QCO, Nickel shall bear the standard mark under the license from the Bureau of Indian Standards by its Indian Standard.

Now, Nickel producers in India or overseas have to get BIS Certification to adhere to ISI Mark on their products. Without ISI Mark they are allowed to sale their products in the Indian market.

Understanding the Quality Control Order for Nickel

This QCO emphasizes to need for adherence to quality parameter and establishes a framework that requires all nickel producers to obtain BIS Certification.

Importance of this QCO

Mandatory BIS Certification: The central focus of this QCO is to make BIS Certification mandatory for Nickel in the country. After this order, all the producers or manufacturers of Nickel in India must ensure that their products meet specified standards and guidelines which are set by Bureau of Indian Standards (Govt. of India).

Stringent Quality Parameters: Nickel producers must comply with stringent quality parameters set by the Bureau of Indian Standards.

Enhance Consumer Confidence: If your product complies with all parameters set by BIS and adhere to ISI Mark it will increase consumer confidence as consumers prefer BIS-certified products in the market.

Standardization of Nickel Products: This quality control has been published to standardize the Nickel products. After the given in this QCO Nickel must comply with the standards set by BIS.

Benefits of BIS Certification

There are so many benefits of BIS Certification. If manufacturer obtains BIS Certification for their products. It will help them to reach not only the domestic market as well as the global market.

Adhering to quality standards (ISI Mark) through BIS Certification helps to stand out from the competition at the global level. This is particularly crucial as industries increasingly seek high-quality raw materials for their manufacturing processes.

IS Standard for Nickel

Goods or article Indian Standard Title of Indian Standard
Nickel Powder IS 7506:1987 Specification for Nickel Powder

Process for BIS Certification for Nickel

BIS Certification process for any product is different for Domestic Certification and Foreign Manufacturers Certification under FMCS.

Process for BIS Certification:

  • Documentation before submission of application
  • Submission of application with requisite documents to BIS
  • Scrutiny of application by BIS officials
  • Nomination of auditor for Audit by BIS
  • Audit of manufacturing premises by BIS auditor
  • Sample draw for independent testing
  • Sample testing in BIS approved laboratory
  • Grant of BIS license to manufacturer

Note: Step 2 is only applicable for Domestic Certification Process and license will be granted immediate after Step 5 in the case of BIS Certification under FMCS.


This QCO to make ISI Mark mandatory for Nickel is a significant leap towards the high-quality production of Nickel in India. This move is expected to foster trust among industries relying on nickel for various applications, from electronics to automotive manufacturing.

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