BIS Certification for Hinges

BIS Certification for Hinges

Hinges plays a crucial role in ensuring the smooth functionality and durability in the world of construction and furniture manufacturing. It is an important part of any furniture product for its functionality. Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has specified a guideline to maintain the quality and standards in the production and use of hinges.

In this blog, we will understand the significance of BIS Certification for hinges and why it is essential, how to obtain BIS Certification and Quality Control Order, QCO for hinges.

BIS Certification for Hinges

BIS Certification is a certification by which we obtain ISI Mark which is a mark of quality and safety assurance granted by Bureau of Indian Standard, a national standard body of India and it is responsible for setting standards across various industries.

In case of hinges, BIS Certification ensures that the product complies with specified quality benchmarks. BIS Certification process for hinges includes rigorous testing and inspection of hinges with its factors such as material quality, corrosion resistance capacity, load bearing capacity, etc.

QCO for Hinges

After consulting the Bureau of Indian Standards, MINISTRY OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY (Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade) has published a Quality Control Order, QCO for hinges to make BIS Certification mandatory.

After implementation of this QCO, manufacturers of hinges are not allowed to sale their product in the India market.

Date of implementation of QCO for Hinges

  • This order may be called the Hinges (Quality Control) Order, 2023.
  • It shall come into force on the expiry of six months from the date of publication of this notification in Official Gazette.

Note: The date of implementation of this QCO is different for manufacturers depends on their company scale.

Download full QCO for Hinges.

Compulsory use of Standard Mark for Hinges

By this QCO, Bureau of Indian Standards has made BIS Certification mandatory. After implementation of this QCO all the manufacturers must have BIS Certification to adhere ISI Mark on their products either they are from India or from overseas.

Products that are covered under this QCO for Hinges

Good or Articles Indian Standards Title of Indian Standard
(1) (2) (3)
Hinges 12817:2020 Stainless steel butt hinges
1341:2018 Steel Butt Hinges
205:1992 Non-ferrous metal butt hinges
206:2010 Tee and strap hinges
362:1991 Parliament hinges
3818:1992 Continuous (Piano) hinges
3843:1995 Steel back flap hinges
453:1993 Double-acting spring hinges
18297:2023 Cabinet hinges

Why BIS Certification is Mandatory for Hinges

To improve the quality and standard of Hinges, BIS made ISI Make mandatory. There are some factors that are matter for BIS Certification.

Quality Assurance:

BIS Certification for products increase trust in consumers as well as businesses in the market. In the case of Hinges, BIS Certification assures users that product has undergone stringent quality checks.

Compliance with Standards:

BIS Certification for Hinges indicates that these are the quality products and meet standards necessary for structural integrity and safety when these fix in doors, cabinets and furniture.

Market Access:

In the market producers or consumers prefer the BIS certified products. It is the plus point for manufacturer of Hinge who get BIS license for their products to show the quality and durability and also it helps to compete the similar manufacturers who have not BIS licence but now it has been mandatory to get BIS licence for all Hinge manufacturers. If you have BIS licence then you can adhere ISI mark on your products it enables the overall market access.

How to Get BIS Certification for Hinges

By obtaining BIS Certification manufacturers can use specified ISI Mark on their products as per the guidelines of Bureau of Indian Standards, BIS. Obtaining BIS Certification for Hinges involves many steps. Here’s a step-by-step guidance for BIS Certification for Hinges.

  1. Understand the relevant Indian Standard (IS) codes applicable to hinges.

This is initial and very important step in the process for BIS license. In this process carefully identification of relevant standard for the product (Hinges) is important.

  1. Documentation before submission of application

In this step all necessary documents are collected before submission of Application to the BIS.

  1. Submission of application with requisite documents to BIS

After collection of all necessary documents, you can submit application to the BIS.

  1. Scrutiny of application by BIS officials

In this step, BIS officials examine the submitted application.

  1. Nomination of auditor for Audit by BIS

After scrutiny of application BIS nominates an auditor to audit of your manufacturing premises.

  1. Audit of manufacturing premises by BIS auditor

Nominated BIS officer audits your manufacturing premises to inspect all the technical manufacturing process.

  1. Grant of BIS license to manufacturer

After successful testing your product as per the required standards in the BIS approved laboratory, BIS will grant your BIS license.

BIS Certification process for domestic manufacturers and BIS Certification process for foreign manufacturers under FMCS is different as per the guidelines of Bureau of India Standards, BIS.


BIS Certification for any product is not just a regulatory requirement but a mark of excellence and commitment to quality from manufacturers to consumers or customers. If we talk about BIS Certification for Hinges, it ensures the consumers that hinges meet stringent standards. The Quality Control Order further adds specificity to the standards, creating a framework for consistency within the industry.

Obtaining BIS license shows how conscious you are about the quality of your products. If you are looking for BIS license, it is often beneficial to consult with BIS Consultants, such as INDUCE INDIA, to understand and navigate the complex certification process effectively with ease.

Induce INDIA provides guidance and assistance with documentation and help you to understand the necessary requirements of the BIS Certification process.

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