BIS Certification for LED Flood Lights

BIS Certification for LED Flood Lights

BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) certification for LED flood lights in India is an important step for manufacturers or importers to ensure the quality and safety of products. BIS certification is a mark that shows confirmation of Indian standards and is mandatory for a list of products that also include LED flood. LED flood lights are eco-friendly and user-friendly and do not emit toxic substances. 

According to Indian Standard IS 10322-5:5:2013, the Indian government has covered LED flood lights under the BIS Compulsory Registration Scheme. Here we will tell you the procedure to obtain BIS certification for LED flood lights in India. 

Importance of BIS Certification for LED Flood Lights 

BIS certification for LED flood lights in India holds a lot of importance. BIS-certified LED flood lights define that these LED lights reduce environmental risks and provide the best quality performance. This certification also shows that the product follows specific standards and gives assurance of its quality. BIS certification is provided to the product after inspection and testing, so it is considered a valuable certification for each product. 

Factors Needed for BIS Certification for LED Flood Lights 

BIS certification for LED lights in India needs a few essential factors. These are Product, manufacturer, manufacturing address, and trademark. Let’s find out which factors are required for this certification. 

  1. Product РWithout a specific product a manufacturer cannot apply for this certification. If you are a manufacturer and you are manufacturing more than one product then you can apply for two separate BIS certifications that depict product category. 
  2. Manufacturer РTraders, importers, or retailers are not granted this certification.BIS certification is provided only to the manufacturer of products. This also signifies that the license is only issued in the name of the manufacturer of that product. Traders, importers, or retailers who can act as AIR ( Authorised Indian Representative) of the manufacturer in India. 
  3. Address of Manufacturing – The application form requires documents related to manufacturing infrastructure and its address. It is essential to understand that if you are the manufacturer of more than one factory and want BIS certification for more than one product then BIS certification is required for each manufacturing address(factory location).
  4. Trademark РA manufacturer has to apply for separate BIS certification if he is manufacturing LED flood lights for Brand X and Brand Y.  

Documents Required for BIS Certification for LED Flood Lights 

Every certification needs some essential documents that are required for the completion of the procedure. Documents that are required for BIS certification for LED lights are completely filled form of BIS application, Letter of Trademark authorization, photo ID of authorized Indian Representative, ISO certification of manufacturing location, business license of manufacturing location, trademark certificate, product manual or user manual, marking label and details of marking on the product, completely filled CCL(Critical component list) and CDF(Construction data form), Authorisation letter, Proof of authorized Indian Representative company registration in India. 

Process for BIS Certification for LED Flood Lights

The procedures for foreign manufacturers and domestic manufacturers differ from each other in a few points. For foreign manufacturers, the first step is to nominate an AIR who can represent a foreign manufacturer and then submit the complete form on the online BIS portal. Then sample testing should be done from BIS approved lab. After this, you have to submit an online or offline copy of the Application with the necessary documents. After verification from BIS authorities, BIS certification will be granted to the manufacturer. 

The procedure of domestic manufacturers begins with the submission of the application form that requires all necessary documents. Secondly, product testing should be done from a BIS-approved lab. Later on, submit the application form online or offline copy which must include test reports. After the verification of the product, document, and form by BIS-authorised officers, the manufacturer will receive a BIS certification. 

It is important that you make sure the factory follows all the right manufacturing practices and ethics and meets the standards that are defined by the Indian government. 

BIS certification is valid for two years and it can be renewed for 1 to 5 years. If the renewal application is filed after the expiry of certification then you have to pay Rs. 5000 charges as a late fee. 


BIS Registration For Electronics plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety, quality, and reliability of electronic products in Indian markets. Obtaining a BIS certification for LED floodlights is a process that includes several factors. This certification isn’t just about meeting specific standards but also winning the trust of customers.

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