BIS Certification for Door Fittings

BIS Certification for Door Fittings

QCO for Door Fittings

A Quality Control Order (QCO) has been published by Bureau of Indian Standards, BIS to make BIS Certification mandatory for door fitting products.

By obtaining BIS Certification, manufacturers who are involved in the business in Door Fitting Products can affix ISI Mark on their products. Before publication of this QCO these products are volunteer but after this QCO BIS Certification is mandatory. The main purpose of this QCO is to make the products under mandatory BIS Certification defined in this QCO, it means from the date of implementation of this QCO manufacturers are not allowed to sale their products in the market.

Advantage of BIS Certification for Door Fittings

Bureau of Indian Standards (Body of Indian Government) publishes Quality Control Orders time to time to improve quality and standard of the products. To ensure that the product is quality assured ISI Mark is mandatory and ISI Mark is granted by getting BIS Certification.

  • Guaranty of Quality Product

By obtaining BIS License manufacturers can show specified ISI Mark on their products that indicates the guarantee of quality of products. If we talk about door fittings, it assures consumers that the products they purchase meet stringent quality standards, reducing the risk of faulty or substandard hardware.

  • Compliance with Regulatory Standards

In the case of Door Fitting products, if products are certified by BIS and have ISI Mark then it shows that products are comply with regulatory standards set by Bureau of Indian Standards.

  • Competitive Edge in the Market

Manufacturers with BIS Certificate gain competitive edge in the market as ISI Mark is the mark of trust, quality and reliability. Customers prioritize the products that are BIS certified.

Why BIS Certification is mandatory for Door Fittings

There are so many products under Door Fittings and they are widely used in door fitting works. In the recent published QCO they all are covered under mandatory BIS Certification. By considering the use of these products the governments has taken this step to make BIS License mandatory. By obtaining BIS license ISI Mark can be used on these products by manufacturers helps the customers to ensure that the products they using are safe and quality assured.

Legal Compliance: Bureau of Indian Standards mandates BIS Certification for door fittings through Quality Control Orders. By this QCO Manufacturers must adhere to these regulations to ensure legal compliance and avoid penalties or sanctions in the future.

Consumer Safety: It guarantees that door fittings meet specific safety standards, reducing the risk of accidents or failures that could lead to injuries or property damage.

Date of Implementation of QCO for Door Fittings

As mentioned in the published Quality Control Order:

  • This order may be called Door Fittings (Quality Control) Order, 2023.
  • It shall come into force on the expiry of six months from the date of publication of this notification in the Official Gazette.

Note: The date of implementation of this QCO for Door Fittings is different for manufacturers depends on their company scale.

Download full QCO for Door Fittings or you can visit here.

Compulsory use of Standard Mark for Door Fittings

The purpose of this QCO is to improve the quality and standard of Door Fitting Products. Thus, Bureau of Indian Standards has made BIS Certification mandatory by this QCO. After implementation of this QCO manufacturers must adhere specified standard mark (ISI Mark) on their products. Without BIS Certification these products are not allowed to sale in the market.

Products that are covered under this QCO for Door Fittings

Goods or Articles Indian Standard Title of Indian Standard
(1) (2) (3)
Door Fittings 6343:1982 Door Closers (Pneumatically Regulated) for Light Doors Weighing up to 40 kg
14912:2001 Door Closers, Concealed Type (Hydraulically Regulated)
3564:1995 Hydraulically Regulated Door Closers
6315:1992 Floor Springs (Hydraulically Regulated) For Heavy Doors
1019:1974 Rim Latches
208:2020 Door Handles
4992:1975 Door Handles for Mortice Lock (Vertical Type)

Process for BIS Certification for Door Fittings

BIS Certification process for Door Fittings includes the set of steps. Process for BIS Certification for Domestic Manufacturers and Process for BIS Certification under FMCS for Foreign Manufacturers are different. Here is the step-by-step process for BIS License for Door Fittings:

  1. Identify the relevant Standard (IS) codes applicable for product.
  2. Documentation before submission of application
  3. Submission of application with requisite documents to BIS
  4. Scrutiny of application by BIS officials
  5. Nomination of auditor for Audit by BIS
  6. Audit of manufacturing premises by BIS auditor
  7. Grant of BIS license to manufacturer

BIS Certification for Door Fittings is not just a certification but also a commitment to quality, safety and building trust across the industry. Manufacturers benefit from enhanced market reputation and reliability, while consumers trust knowing their homes and workplaces are secured by fittings exceeding rigorous standards.

If you are a manufacturer or in the business of Door Fittings products and obtaining BIS license, it shows how conscious you are about the quality and standard of your products.

Now the Bureau of Indian Standards has made BIS license mandatory for Door Fittings then you have to get this license. If you are looking for BIS license, it is often beneficial to consult with BIS Consultants, such as INDUCE INDIA, to understand and navigate the complex certification process effectively with ease.

Induce INDIA provides full guidance and assistance step by step from Identification of your product to grant of license and help you to understand the necessary requirements of the BIS Certification process.

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