BIS Certification for Rubber Gaskets Used in a Pressure Cooker

BIS Certification for Rubber Gaskets Used in a Pressure Cooker

Pressure cookers are used for preparing food all around the world and its rubber gasket must follow all the safety and quality guidelines. The Bureau of Indian Standards plays a crucial role in rubber gaskets used in pressure cookers. Let’s understand what are the steps to obtain BIS certification for Rubber gaskets that are used in pressure cookers. BIS Certification Consultant in India ensures that rubber gaskets must meet certain specifications like durability and flexibility. 

Importance of BIS Certification for Rubber Gaskets

There are several benefits of BIS certification for Rubber gaskets. It ensures consumer safety. As pressure cookers are used under high pressure and temperature conditions, it could lead to accidents which is why BIS puts up few standards for it. Manufacturers of rubber gaskets provide the safety of overall pressure cookers and build trust in the eyes of consumers. It also meets the necessary quality, as rubber gaskets undergo many tests, and it assures the consumers that the product is safe to use. It also increases the market reach of your rubber gaskets. 

Which Documents are Necessary for BIS certification for Rubber Gaskets?

The documents that are necessary for BIS certification for Rubber Gaskets such as a flow chart of the manufacturing process, quality control parameters, and their records, details of the authorized signatory, laboratory testing reports, adequate testing facilities proof, factory registration information with proper documents, and other documents. 

What is the Process to Obtain BIS Certification for Rubber Gaskets?

To obtain the rubber gaskets you have to follow a few steps. Let’s look into these steps- 

  1. The first step is going through the Indian standards and finding the relevant product category. Then check that the manufacturer and product are fulfilling all the standards and Rubber gaskets that do not have testing facilities should visit BIS-certified labs. 
  2. While applying for the BIS certificate you have to select the right Indian standard. You can fill out the application by the normal or simplified process. In a normal process, you have to apply for the BIS certificate without a test report whereas in a simplified process you have to submit the test reports for BIS certification. 
  3. You have to submit the required details like raw material, factory location, plan layout, manufacturing process, and machinery. Then submit the application fee with your application. 
  4. After the successful submission of the application if BIS raises any objection then you have to respond to it and address all the concerns. 
  5. BIS also inspects the factory of manufacturing the rubber gaskets. You have to confirm the inspection date within 10 days. If you fail to confirm it then you have to proceed for closure and rejection. You have to make sure that products that are going to be inspected must be available and you have to understand that testing each variety of product listed under the Indian standards. 
  6. You have to make sure that production quality staff must be present during the inspection, testing facilities, and required types of machinery. 
  7. After inspection, BIS officials point out the concerns related to your manufacturing unit, product, or more. After satisfactory verification and inspection, as per the product manual and counter samples. 
  8. After receiving the test report without any objection, BIS initiates its certification process. If you want to get a BIS certificate without paying the fee then you can pay the requisite charges and after making the payment, BIS issues the certification for your rubber gasket. 


It is necessary to obtain BIS certification for rubber gaskets if you are a manufacturer of it. To obtain rubber gaskets you have to look into the documentation and prepare your product and manufacturing unit for inspection. You can also get help from a BIS ISI certification consultant. These consultants provide you with guidance regarding BIS certification. An expert team of professionals helps with the necessary support to manufacturers which makes their path easier. There are several benefits if you get BIS certification for your rubber gaskets.

Rubber gaskets that have BIS certification show that they meet all the standards and assure consumers that the product is safe to use. It also increases reach to a wider audience and the trust of consumers in your rubber gaskets. The steps that come under BIS certification include the completion of an online application, document verification, an inspection of the manufacturing location, and testing of samples. After the completion of all the steps, the BIS officials provide BIS certification for your product. 

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