BIS Registration for Smart Card Reader

BIS Registration for Smart Card Reader

Smart card readers are those devices that can read and write data to smart cards. Smart cards are plastic cards that contain a chip that stores personal data. Smart card readers are used in banking, healthcare, government, and many other sectors. This device can read 13.56 MHz contact or contactless smart cards. These smart cards are used for access control, authentication or identification, and financial transactions.  

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is India’s national standards body responsible for maintaining quality and safety standards for various products and smart card readers are under the Electronics and IT Goods category which must have BIS registration. BIS Registration is important for the electronic items that are listed in the Compulsory Registration scheme and every foreign manufacturer of listed electronic products has to obtain BIS registration to export its product in India to ensure safety and quality.¬†

This registration for smart card readers provides many benefits for both manufacturers and consumers in India. 

Benefits of BIS Registration for Smart Card Reader

BIS registration plays an important role in the show Smart Card Reader because it shows that smart card readers meet sets of quality standards set by the Indian government. This also helps in ensuring that the product is fulfilling the quality and reliability. Consumers when looking for BIS certification and its mark on smart card readers then seeing this mark on a product boosts their confidence in its quality and safety for that specific Smart Card Reader. This registration also depicts that smart card readers have undergone safety tests for the insurance of user safety. This can also give manufacturers a way to expand their market beyond India and increase their sales. The BIS registration process is a simple process that includes a few steps and an understanding of BIS Registration.  

Factors Affect BIS Registration

BIS registration has 4 main factors that are essential in this process. The first one is the manufacturer because the BIS license is provided to the manufacturer and they are responsible for designing, and that product. They know about the product’s specifications and quality too. Labour, traders, or retailers are not responsible for all this stuff and licenses can only be issued in the name of the manufacturer. The manufacturing address is also a necessary part of it to provide a BIS license.¬†

Another is Product category specification. Many manufacturers are responsible for manufacturing more than one product so they have to apply for separate BIS licences according to the product. The brand is also a crucial part of it. If the manufacturer is manufacturing the same product for more than one brand then one brand must apply for a separate BIS license. 

Essential Documents for the BIS Registration

It is important to check out every document which is essential for this registration. These documents are test reports issued by BIS authorized lab, the scope of the business license, the ISO certificate of the manufacturer, the Trade mark certificate, the Business license of the manufacturing unit, an Authorization letter that has the signature of the head of the manufacturing facility, nomination letter of AIR, technical specification detailed report of the product, trademark authorization letter and more are necessary. 

Process of BIS registration for Smart Card Reader

This process includes a few steps. Firstly, the Nomination of AIR means All India representative which is a Manufacturer but in the case of foreign the AIR can be an importer or trader. After the AIR nomination portal registration is done by the manufacturer fill up all the details. Later on, the Testing of the product is done by the BIS officials in the BIS-recognized laboratory. Then, application forms, and test reports with documents are prepared that are related to the product for further procedure. After the verification of the product by Departmental scrutiny the final license is given to the product which consists of an eight-digit number. This whole process can take place up to 4- 5 weeks. 

After obtaining BIS registration, Manufacturers must renew their registration as decided by the BIS for each product. 

Ensuring that smart card readers meet quality and safety standards is in the best interest of manufacturers as well as consumers. It reduces the risk of product failures and safety issues too. Every manufacturer also ensures that their products follow all the relevant Indian standards that are defined for each product. Manufacturers also keep this thing in mind the factory must be prepared for BIS inspections or any verification so that BIS Registration For Electronics gets easier for them. Accurate and complete documentation of the product is also a crucial part of registration because it makes the product more trustworthy and brings it closer to the BIS license.

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