BIS Certification for Electric Toys

BIS Certification for Electric Toys

BIS Certification for Electric Toys contains many advantages for manufacturers and consumers. Manufacturers willing to obtain a BIS certification for their electric toys must apply for conformity assessment and get product certification. The BIS has declared that it is necessary that all electric toys that are produced for children under the age of fourteen must contain BIS certification and if the toy does not have that certification then the toy is prohibited from being sold anywhere in the country. Electric toys such as electric dolls, electric car models, drones, etc must contain BIS certification. This certification ensures that the toy is tested properly and certified per the standards.  

Importance of BIS Certification for Electric Toys 

Electric toys are generally differentiated into requiring electricity for a minimum of at least one function to operate. The primary standard provided by BIS for electric Toys is IS 15644:2006. This certification acts as a shield against all the legal actions that are considered for not certifying the product. It also ensures that the product is safe for children and contains good quality.  It also provides access to a global market of toys and confirms high-quality standards. 

Documents important for BIS Certification of Electric Toys

If the application is filled for electric toys then testing facilities must fulfil specific standards. The documents that are necessary for obtaining BIS certification for electric toys are defined here. 

Identity proof of the application, adequate testing facilities, A detailed list of raw materials used during production, a Flow chart of your manufacturing process, a Detailed layout of factory infrastructure, a Detailed description of the layout of the plant, Details of machinery that is used during the production of toys, Test reports (provided by BIS lab), Factory registration documents and information, Detailed photography of the product, Application form that is filled by an authorized person of the manufacturing unit, Product manual and photographs of electric toy and Quality control parameters and their records. 

Process of obtaining BIS Certification for Electric Toys

The process of obtaining BIS certification for Electric toys includes a few steps under FMCS(Foreign Manufacturer Certification Scheme). 

  1. The initial step is the applicant must submit the application form with the necessary documents that are mentioned above. 
  2. Then you have to check all the information on the application form and pay the required fees. With the successful payment of charges, the BIS is required to inspect the factory infrastructure. 
  3. Later on, BIS-authorised officials then collect the sample of the toy and conduct the testing in their BIS labs. 
  4. If the factory unit is found as per the BIS standards then FMCS certification is also initiated by the officials. Then you have to pay a minimum marketing fee before FMCS certification.  
  5. After the payment of the marketing fee, an agreement is signed with successful payment of the performance bank guarantee which is to be paid after receiving approval of the FMCS license. (Remember the amount should be in Dollars). 
  6. If the product and your factory are found as per the standards then FMCS certification will be granted with BIS certification. 

Here are the steps for both electric and non-electric toys – 

  1. As an applicant, you have to submit the application and documents with self-attested copies. 
  2. Documents are verified by BIS officials and then your toys will be tested by the BIS officials in BIS labs. 
  3. After the inspection, the testing samples and the inspection report were drafted by BIS officials and then reviewed. 
  4. If all the standards are met then BIS certification is granted and your toys and you will get the permit to use the ISI mark on the product. 


It is necessary to obtain BIS Certification for Electric Toys as it ensures that your products are safe to use and have good quality. If the electric toys do not contain BIS certification then these toys are not allowed to be sold anywhere in the country.  It also provides access to a global market of toys and increases the trust of consumers in your electric toys as compared to other manufacturers. To obtain the BIS certification you have to make sure that all documents must be attached to the application.

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