BIS Certification for Utility Lighters

BIS Certification for Lighters and Utility Lighters

Ensuring Safety and Quality: Lighters are common and important household items used for various purposes. Lighters are used to lighting candles to igniting stoves in the kitchen. By considering everyday uses of Lighters, it is crucial to ensure the safety and quality of these products to prevent accidents and promote user confidence.

Bureau of Indian Standards which the National Standards body of India it also plays role as third party assurance between manufacturers and customers provides BIS Certification for Lighters that plays a vital role in achieving these quality and safety goals.

QCO for Lighters

The Quality Control Order (QCO) for Lighters, issued by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade), outlines the mandatory quality standards that lighters must meet.

This order has notified on 5th July, 2023, and shall come into force with effect from 6 months from the date of notification.

As mentioned in this QCO, for Large Scale Industries or Foreign Manufacturers BIS Certification will be mandatory after 6 months from the date notification of this QCO.

For Small Scale Manufacturers this QCO shall come into force from 9 months and for Micro Scale Manufacturers it shall come into force from 12 months from the date of this notification.

Download or view the full QCO here.

Advantage of BIS Certification for Lighters

The Bureau of Indian Standards makes BIS Certification mandatory for various products by considering their uses. To ensure quality and safety BIS Certification is mandatory for Lighters.

  1. Consumer Safety:

If a lighter has an ISI Mark on it, it ensures that the lighter complies with safety standards, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries. Consumers can confidently use BIS-certified lighters, knowing that they meet stringent quality requirements.

  1. Market Credibility:

Products with ISI Mark gain a competitive edge in the market. Manufacturers and distributors benefit from increased credibility, as consumers prefer products that adhere to recognized quality standards (ISI Mark).

  1. Legal Compliance:

BIS Certification is now mandatory for lighters and non-compliance can lead to legal consequences. Now, the manufacturers of Lighters and Utility Lighters must have BIS Certification to show ISI Mark on their product and without BIS Certification manufacturers or importers of lighter and utility lighters are not allowed to sell their products in the market.

  1. Global Acceptance:

Products that are BIS Certified and adhere to the ISI Mark are acceptable at the level of the global market. Because customers are aware of products that are quality-assured and safe to use.

Compulsory use of Standard Mark for Lighters and Utility Lighters

When BIS Certification will be mandatory as per specified in notified QCO by Bureau of Indian Standards, it is compulsory to use standards mark (ISI Mark) on the lighters and utility lighters. Manufacturers or Importers must have to follow the guidelines of this QCO to avoid legal consequences.

Products that are covered under QCO for Lighters and Utility Lighters

Good or Articles Indian Standards Title of Indian Standard
(1) (2) (3)
Flame- Producing Lighters IS/ISO 9994: 2018 Lighters ‚Äď Safety Specification
IS/ISO 22702: 2018 Utility Lighters- Safety Specifications

BIS Certification Process for Lighters and Utility Lighters

When manufacturers obtain BIS Certification, they can use specified ISI Mark as per their products. The BIS Certification process involves several steps.

  1.     Understand the relevant Indian Standard
  2.     Documentation before submission of application
  3.     Submission of application
  4.     Scrutiny of application by BIS officials
  5.     Nomination of auditor for Audit by BIS
  6.     Audit of manufacturing premises by BIS auditor
  7.     Grant of BIS license to manufacturer

BIS Certification process for domestic manufacturers and BIS Certification process for foreign manufacturers under FMCS are different as per the guidelines of Bureau of India Standards (BIS).

Eligibility for BIS Certification

Manufacturers seeking BIS Certification for lighters and utility lighters must fulfill certain eligibility criteria, including:

  • Manufacturing Facility: To get BIS Certification manufacturers must have a manufacturing facility.
  • Testing Facility: Manufacturers must have a testing facility to test the manufactured products. This is required at the time of audit.

These two eligibility criteria are compulsory for manufacturers to get BIS Certification for their products.


BIS Certification for lighters is a crucial step of any industry towards ensuring the safety, quality, and legal compliance of these everyday items. If you are in the business of manufacturing or importing lighters and utility lighters you must have BIS Certification from the date of publication of notified QCO by Bureau of Indian Standards. This QCO will come into force as per company scale.

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