LMPC Certificate For Importers

What Is an LMPC Certificate, and Why Do Importers Need It?

The Legal Metrology Act was enacted in 2009 and if you are not aware of what it is then let us tell you that metrology is basically the science of weights and measures and this comes under the Department of Consumer Affairs which looks into the manufacturing and monitoring of weighing devices.

One of the most important parts of the Legal Metrology Act is that all imported and pre-packaged goods such as beverages, food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, Household goods, etc. must have an LMPC certificate. LMPC certificate is basically issued by the Controller of Legal Metrology. This certificate is authentic only for five years and it ensures that packaging information is clear and correct with proper weight.

It is important that importers of pre-packaged goods must apply for an LMPC certificate within 3 months of beginning their importation. If you are an importer then you can easily apply online for it. LMPC certificate is an important tool for protecting consumers from inaccurate measurements and checking the fair trade practices in the markets.

Know About Pre-Packaged Goods

Pre-packaged goods are products that are packed and sealed before they are sold to consumers. As Legal Metrology Act regulates the packaging of pre-packaged goods in India. It is labeled with information like quantity of the product, name, and address of the manufacturer, date of packaging good, and quantity of the product.

Importance of Legal Metrology

Legal metrology plays an important role in promoting social and financial benefits and ensuring that commercial transactions are conducted fairly. This can lead to lower prices of products for consumers and increased economic growth. Legal metrology helps to protect the interests of both manufacturers and consumers.

LMPC Certificate For Importers

LMPC certificates basically increase awareness in understanding of the safety of pre-packed food. Rule 27 of LMPC has made it obligatory for all manufacturers to apply for a Packer registration because it reduces the risks related to the consumption of pre-packaged goods.

For LMPC Certification applicants have to file an application within 3 months of their beginning import operations. It should include these major points –

  • Details of manufacturers and the product which is packed
  • Date of manufacturing of packed product
  • Generic name of the packed product
  • Name of the country (in which the products are made)
  • Date of importing of product
  • Shelf life of the product

Where Should You Apply for An LMPC Certificate?

You can apply for an LMPC Certificate online or offline. Many officials help manufacturers in filing this form.

List Of Documents Required For Applying For An LMPC Certificate

  • GST registration Certificate
  • Aadhaar card OF Manufacture
  • Registration certificate of the business
  • Proof of identity(like- driver’s licence, voter id card, passport)
  • Single sample of the label packaged product
  • Proof of the commercial premises
  • no-objection certificate (NOC) from the state pollution control board
  • application fee of ₹500
  • Digital photographs of the applicant or Manufacture

Know How To Apply Online For An LMPC Certificate

  • Log on to the official website – https://www.apindustries.gov.in/
  • For applying for an LMPC certificate click on the section present on the website.
  • Then upload these documents-
  • GST certificate
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Proof of importer address
  • Import/Export code
  • List of products manufactured or Imported
  • Copy of labels on the product
  • After this, you must review your form and submit it.

Know How To Apply Offline For An LMPC Certificate

You can apply offline in the Legal metrology department of the city or state for an LMPC Certificate. When your application gets registered you receive the certificate for the same within 7-10 working days.

Reason Why Do Importers Need an LMPC Certificate?

An LMPC certificate helps the clearance of imported commodities and gives them rights too. If there is no LMPC Certificate then importation leads to unnecessary delays and extra expenses. Not only this it will affect the brand image.

Various Rule Violations and Penalties

According to the LMPC Act, there are a few rules and penalties which all importers should know. Importers who flout the prescribed standards of measures and weights Fine of ₹10,000 or a year of imprisonment or both and Importers who make a sale of products which don’t have an LMPC declaration on the packaging have to pay a fine of ₹25,000. Many other rules are also included in this.

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