ISI Mark Certification for Stainless Steel Tower Bolts

ISI Mark Certification for Stainless Steel Tower Bolts

Doors and windows are considered as very essential for any house. For the safety of doors and windows, the stainless steel tower bolts play an important role in enhancing the locking mechanisms. As the quality and safety of tower bolts cannot be compromised at any cost. So, that’s why the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) certification works for it.

Let me tell you that, BIS certification, particularly IS 15833:2009, is a mark of quality and assurance that the tower bolts meet the highest standards of safety and performance. On this track, Induce India can help in obtaining this important certification by providing proper and accurate testing which is needed for home door and windows security.

In this blog we will tell you to consider obtaining ISI and BIS certification and how one of the best BIS Consultants in India that is Induce India can help you through this technique. Also, ensure that your products meet the highest standards.

Understanding IS 15833:2009 In Easiest Way-

It is basically a list of standards that specify the criteria for doing the evaluation of the quality mainly of tower bolts which are made from stainless steel and making sure they meet essential requirements regarding their material composition, dimensions, strength durability, and other factors.

These standards can help you to ensure that your products meet the highest standards and are safe to use-

Material Composition Standard- This standard is about the material composition of suitable tower bolt manufacturing and making it better so that it can be used for a longer period of time.

Dimensions Standard- It means guidelines for the dimensions of stainless steel tower bolts which basically include the proper compatibility with various doors and windows.

Durability And Strength Standard- This standard specifies the stainless steel tower bolts a few factors such as yield strength and tensile strength.

Surface Finish Standard – The surface finish of tower bolts is an important point of consideration because it is about surface requirements for tower bolts and their protection from corrosion.


The Government of India has made it mandatory for all stainless steel tower bolts used in India, whether manufactured in India or imported from other countries, that must have the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) mark. In a simple way, this means that all manufacturers of stainless steel tower bolts must obtain a BIS license before January 20, 2024.

Know About BIS Certification Scheme?

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has established a set of standards for stainless steel tower bolts which is basically known as IS 15833:2009. Its standards specify that the quality parameters of tower bolts must be met so that they are considered safe for proper usage.

The BIS Certification Scheme is owned by the government that ensures that products meet some standards and this scheme is designed to protect consumers by ensuring that they only buy products that meet the highest quality standards.

Standard Identification – As, it is important to ensure the quality, safety, and performance requirements of the manufacturer’s product.

Application Must Be Submitted – Manufacturers have to submit an application for BIS certification to the Bureau of Indian Standards which have all the details and certification mark.

Factory Inspection Is Essential – Let me tell you that BIS itself organizes the inspection of the manufacturer’s production facility to ensure everything is in the proper way or not.

Sample Must Be Tested – BIS collects a few samples to check the parameters.

BIS Certification – BIS decides whether to grant certification or not after checking the standards.

Regular Monitoring By BIS – Certified products by BIS go through periodic audits and market surveillance to match the standards.

Induce India – Path Of Manufacturer’s Products Success

Providing BIS certification and maintaining the levels of product quality Induce India works as a great assistance for all manufacturers. It has an experienced team and a unique process through which the certification process gets easier and matches the industry standards.

An Expert Guidance – Induce India has an experienced team who have in- depth knowledge of all requirements and guide the manufacturers for the certification process by making complex processes much easier.

Testing Support –¬† Induce India not only assists the manufacturers in planning but also executes necessary tests and validations which are essential for BIS certification.

Audit Support For BIS Certification –¬† Induce India is a helping hand for manufacturers because it prepares them for BIS audits.

Documentation Help – Induce India to ensure that manufacturers have accurate documentation that aligns with BIS requirements.

Customized Approach –¬† Induce India helps manufacturers with BIS certification in a unique way. The team uses an effective approach for the betterment of manufacturers.

Global Experience Provided by Team – Not only good support but Induce India gives global experience to each manufacturer for great exposure.

Among the best ISI Certification Consultant team of Induce India aims to provide manufacturers the BIS Certification in an easier way. By obtaining this certification manufacturers can easily grow their products and attain more consumer trust with good business opportunities.

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