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ISI Mark Certification for Copper Products

This is to inform all the manufacturers of Copper Products that MINISTRY OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY (Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade) has notified a Quality Control Order (QCO) to make BIS Certification mandatory for copper products.

Short title and commencement of this QCO

  • This order may be called the Copper Products (Quality Control) Order, 2023.
  • This order shall come into force after six months from the date of publication of this notification in the Official Gazette.

Compulsory use of Standard Mark (ISI Mark)

After implementation of this order, manufacturers of Copper Products must have BIS Certification as per their product’s standards specified by Bureau of Indian Standards, Govt. of India, and without BIS Certification they are not allowed to sell their products in the Indian Market. As mentioned in this QCO, if any person who contravenes the provisions of this order shall be punishable under the provisions of the Bureau of Indian Standards Act, 2016.

This QCO is applied for the goods or articles specified in the table:

Goods or articles Indian Standard Title of Indian Standard
(1) (2) (3)
Copper Products 12444:2020 Copper Wire Rods for Electrical Applications
613:2000 Copper Rods and Bars for Electrical Purposes
1897:2008 Copper strip for electrical purposes
4171:1983 Copper rods and bars for general engineering purposes
1545: 1994 Solid drawn copper and copper alloy tubes for condensers and heat exchangers
2501: 1995 Solid drawn copper tubes for general engineering purposes
14810: 2000 Copper Tubes for plumbing- Specification
10773:1995 Wrought Copper Tubes for Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Purposes
4412:1981 Copper wires for general engineering purposes

How to get BIS Certification?

If you prioritize quality and safety standards and looking for BIS Certification to adhere ISI Mark on your products, Induce INDIA as the best BIS Consultancies in India will guide you step by step in obtaining your BIS Certification with ease as per the guidelines of Bureau of India Standards (BIS).

What is Process for BIS Certification for Copper Products?

Obtaining BIS Certification for your product includes a series of steps and compliance with specific guidelines set by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). Here is the process for ISI Mark Certification for Copper Products:


For ISI mark license basically needs two types of documents

  1. General Company KYC like:
  2. premises document
  3. company reg. Documents like MOA, AOA/Partnership deed/ LLP register
  4. Udyam registration (MSME)
  5. GST copy
  1. Technical Documents –

You will need some technical documents like:

  1. Testing facility details
  2. manufacturer facility details
  3. process flowchart
  4. product drawing
  5. raw material TC. etc


It is the most important and complicated step. To apply the BIS, a manufacturer needs to install testing facilities to control their product quality. It is a mandatory requirement to get a BIS license, these details need technical expertise to identify the testing requirement of product and least count, range, and size of equipment.


Manufacturer needs to figure out their scope of license and grade/variety of products. On the basis of license scope, they have tested their sample with BIS lab.


After receiving the report installation of lab equipment to BIS final application will be submitted.


The head of a department will nominate an officer to check the application.

In case of an incomplete application, the officer will raise the query and they may send closer notice 

       7. AUDIT

An audit will be conducted on the factory premises. The audit officer will verify

  • Manufacturing process
  • Manufacturing Facility
  • Test facility
  • Test process
  • Raw material
  • Competency of OCT etc.

      8. Grant of ISI Mark Certification:

If the audit is satisfactory means your product samples have successfully passed the required testing, and your manufacturing facilities and quality management system meet the necessary standards, the license shall be granted within 5-10 days. The ISI mark can then be affixed to your certified products, indicating compliance with the Indian Standard.


Securing BIS certification for Copper Products is a crucial step to ensuring their quality and safety standards. Beyond being a mandatory requirement, this certification serves as a key enabler for market entry, offering manufacturers a competitive edge and instilling confidence in consumers. The assurance of BIS compliance not only opens doors to wider market acceptance but also reinforces the commitment to delivering products of the highest standards.

It’s often beneficial to consult with BIS Consultants, such as INDUCE INDIA, to navigate the complex certification process effectively.

These consultants can provide guidance, and assistance with documentation, and help you understand the specific requirements of the ISI certification process, ensuring that your application is complete and meets all necessary criteria. For more information feel free to contact us call at¬†+91-7503304082¬†or email at¬†[email protected]

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