How To Obtain TAC Certification For Automobiles?

How To Obtain TAC Certification For Automobiles?

TAC (Type Approval Certificate) is given to products that meet the standards related to technical and safety requirements. This certification comes under the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. Several products are covered under TAC such as automotive electronics, tires, seat belts, brake hoses, light batteries, door locks, safety glass, and other products. TAC approval for automobiles includes a few steps. Here we are going to tell you those steps. 

What is the Need for TAC Certification For Automobiles? 

TAC certification is necessary for various purposes and it provides benefits to manufacturers and consumers. Here is why TAC certification for automobiles is needed. 

  1. Safety assurance is provided with TAC certification. The product undergoes various testing and assessment methods to ensure that it meets safety standards. This certification gives a guarantee of the product’s safety in various perspectives. 
  2. Technical assurance is also given through TAC certification. TAC certification includes technical assurance of the product and it makes sure that the product meets all the standards related to its quality and technicality that are necessary. It also ensures that automobiles follow the standards that are related to the environment. This eventually helps in decreasing air pollution. 
  3. This certification also increases consumer confidence in your product. Through TAC certification consumers get assurance of safety and technical standards. This promotes the trust of consumers in your product. 
  4. Legal procedures also get easier with TAC certification. It is necessary to obtain TAC certification because without it that product may face issues in reaching various markets. This certification helps in business growth and contributes to increasing your revenue. 

Which Documents are required for TAC Certification For Automobiles? 

Documents that are necessary for the completion of TAC certification for automobiles are application forms in accurate format. Compliance reports and test results, authorization letters from the manufacturer(in the case of traders), technical documents such as installation instructions, maintenance manuals, operating manuals, and product samples for testing. 

TAC approval applies only if you are a producer of any specific product or have participated in the production process. It is also applicable if you are the importer or dealer who purchases a product from any foreign producer, or if you are a foreign manufacturer involved in Indian trading. 

What is the Process of TAC Certification for Automobiles? 

The process of TAC certification for Automobiles includes these steps –¬†

  1. Complete the details of the form with the right information then review all the documents that are mentioned above. After reviewing, submit your application form with the required documents. 
  2. The next part is the factory audit, during the factory audit you have to make sure that the factory is well-equipped. Official auditors inspect the factory premises and check whether everything is according to the provided information in the application. 
  3. After the factory audit, you will receive a report from the officials and if auditors find everything satisfactory they will provide a certificate. 
  4. The last step of this process is marking and labelling of the parts is done. 

What is the Period of Completion for this procedure? 

The average time that is required for a TAC certificate for automobiles is approximately one month for Indian manufacturers whereas the average time is 2 months for foreign manufacturers. Average time may also vary depending on the applicant delays and queries involved during the process. 


TAC certification for automobiles shows that the product meets all the necessary standards related to safety and technicality.  TAC certification helps in increasing consumers as this certification wins their trust which eventually increases their growth. Not only this, TAC certification grows your business to higher levels. The process of TAC approval includes a few steps and necessary documents. The completion of this process may take around one month but issues during the completion of the procedure may be the reason behind an increase in the time. 

TAC certification helps manufacturers to stay ahead of their competitors in terms of safety and technical aspects and it also helps consumers to choose the right product that is inclined towards their needs and safety. The TAC Certification Consultant helps in the completion of the TAC certification process and provides better assistance to manufacturers. 

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