Advantages of Securing BIS Certification

Advantages of Securing BIS Certification

While purchasing a product a consumer look into the quality and safety of that specific product. BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) certification reflects that your product follows quality and safety standards that are defined by the government of India. Not only this but securing BIS certification holds many benefits that can help in the growth of your overall business. Let’s understand what are the advantages of BIS certification.

  1. Ensure Quality and Safety     

BIS certification makes sure that the product fulfills all sets of standards that are defined by the Indian government and meets every requirement. The certification involves an evaluation, testing, and verification of the product. The product that achieves BIS certification undergoes various steps and gives a guarantee that the product meets the specific criteria that are set for it. This makes the product reliable and better than other products that do not have BIS certification. This certification also reflects a promise to produce and distribute products that include consumer safety and well-being. With the help of a BIS ISI certification consultant, you can make your journey of BIS certification easier. 

  1. Get Global Recognition 

With the help of BIS certification, you may get global recognition. BIS certification establishes credibility in Indian as well as international markets. BIS mark serves as an assurance that the product is safe to use and holds better quality. Having BIS certification clears the barriers that come between your product and market access. BIS certification increases your product’s worth in competitive surroundings. BIS mark creates the identity of a product in global markets and builds a gateway towards growth.

Products that must contain the BIS mark but do not have it, so those products are not valued globally or within the Indian markets. Even, many global manufacturers seek BIS certification to grow in Indian markets. 

  1. Trustworthiness Increases 

The BIS mark increases trust in the eyes of consumers. If your product has a BIS mark then it wins the consumer’s confidence. BIS mark can lead to customer loyalty and maintain the brand image. If several products do not have a BIS mark whereas few products have a BIS mark then consumers eventually select BIS-marked products because they have an assurance of safety and quality.¬†

For a few products, BIS certification is mandatory and it also decreases environmental risk. BIS helps manufacturers to use certain materials that are safe for the environment. BIS-certified products promise to deliver high-quality performance of that specific product and top-notch safety. 

  1. Increased Sales 

BIS certification is a powerful tool that helps in increasing sales of your product. As BIS certification increases consumer confidence this eventually increases sales of your product. The BIS mark not only sustain old consumers but also attracts new consumer helping boost sales. BIS-certified products also prioritize new mediums for distribution. 

Not only sales, but BIS-certified products also maintain continuous improvement in technology and innovation. BIS-certified products remain ahead of their competitors that do not have BIS certification. 

  1. Boost Brand Visibility 

BIS certification is a symbol of assurance that reflects safety standards as the product undergoes several testing processes. This helps boost brand visibility and build credibility. BIS certification keeps your brand on top level in front of competitors. Through BIS certification, the product captures the consumer’s point of view and enhances brand awareness.¬†


Securing BIS certification offers many advantages for brands who want to achieve success globally. The BIS-certified product reflects that products fulfill the safety and quality standards that are specified by the Indian Government. With the help of BIS certification, manufacturers can win the consumer’s trust more smoothly. BIS mark encourages sustainable growth and enhanced sales of that product. Not only this, BIS certification also uplifts brand growth with credibility and reliability.¬†

For sustainable growth, BIS certification plays a crucial role and helps in maintaining your brand awareness. BIS certification improves your product’s brand image in the competitive world. BIS certification helps in the continuous improvement of your product. Under the guidance of a BIS Certification Consultant in India, you can resolve the complexities related to this certification. Manufacturers in India should obtain BIS certification to ensure that their products meet legal requirements, ensure quality, and safety, and expand market reach. 

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