How to Apply For BIS Certification in India?

How to Apply For BIS Certification in India?

You might be wondering how can a consumer get assurance that the product is best in terms of quality, safety, and reliability. It is possible through the BIS registration process. The Bureau of Indian Standards grants licenses to the manufacturers for their products listed in BIS’s mandatory or voluntary certification schemes.¬†

The Bureau of Indian Standards is the National Standards Body of India established under the Bureau of Indian Standards Act, 2016, under the Indian Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution, Government of India. Let’s understand what is the process of BIS Certification in India and which documents are needed for this certification. 

What is the Need for BIS Certification in India? 

BIS certification ensures better utilization of resources and serves as strong evidence of product quality. It also improves your market reputation and minimizes health hazards to consumers. This certification reflects that product quality is safe to use and creates a positive brand image in the eyes of consumers. 

Obtaining a BIS license is voluntary and the Indian government has made certain products mandatory to protect the environment, public health, and the welfare of animals, and plants. It also aims to prevent unfair trade practices that take place in national and international markets. 

Which Documents are required for obtaining BIS Certification in India?

The documents needed for BIS Certification in India are self-declaration of conformity, name, address, and additional details of manufacturing unit and business activity. Details of product models and their varieties, details of the authorized signatory and other related documents, copy of acknowledgment received from portal, test report conformity by the third-party testing laboratory of product samples, details of samples to be tested by BIS, and others are required. In the case of foreign manufacturers the details of appointment and form of appointment of Indian representative.

What are the Steps for BIS Certification in India?

The steps for BIS certification can become easier with the help of a BIS Certification consultant. The initial step of this process is the applicant applying on the BIS online CRS portal by filling out the BIS registration form to get login credentials. Then testing of products in BIS approved lab is necessary. In this step, the applicant must generate test requests by logging in and getting their product tested from a BIS-approved lab. 

After that, online or offline submission of the application is required. Applicant must apply on the portal using the verified Test Report within 90 days of its issue and submit all required documents. BIS officials check and verify all the test reports and submit the application. Then bureau will grant a BIS license to the manufacturers to use a standard mark with unique R numbers on products. 

Which products should have BIS Certification in India? 

Products that should have BIS Certification in India are all models and brands of electronic games, automatic data processing machines,  Power Adaptors for IT Equipments, invertors, Power Adaptors for Audio, Video, and Similar Electronic items, General Purpose LED, Cash Registers, Copying Machines, Passport Reader, Smart Card Readers and more. 

How much time does it take to Obtain BIS Certification? 

BIS certificate is granted for up to 2 years and after frequent observation, BIS considers renewal requests for two years. If the renewal application and its charges are not submitted from the licensee within 90 days your BIS certification will be expired. The renewal of the BIS license requires annual fees, processing charges, application fees, and a request for renewal of the BIS license. 

What is the Cost of BIS certification in India? 

The cost of BIS registration is the same for renewal and a new application. Processing fees for BIS certification are INR 50000 and the application fee INR is 1000. The registration fee is INR 2000. 

What are the Essential Elements of BIS Certification in India? 

If you are a manufacturer of any product covered under the CRS scheme then registration is necessary for that product. The manufacturer who wants to apply the BIS standard mark on their product must fulfill the requirements of Indian Standard Specifications. A BIS certification is granted on your self-declaration of conformity of the product with the application you are submitting. This self-declaration of conformity shows that manufacturer infrastructure produces quality products with necessary testing facilities. 


BIS ensures quality standards as products follow all the standards, have high performance, and are reliable to use. Manufacturers should make sure to get test reports for their products from BIS-authorized laboratories. Products with a BIS certificate reduce environmental risks as the use of some chemicals is banned as per the BIS standards. It also ensures that products are safe and undergo various testing methods. This also increases consumer confidence in that product and builds a positive image of your product. 

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