BIS Registration for Smart Speakers

BIS Registration for Smart Speakers (with & without Display)

Smart speakers are a type of speaker that can be controlled using voice commands which means they have a built-in virtual assistant,  dictionary, maps, and more. Smart speakers are great for hands-free tasks like setting up alarms and getting weather updates. These speakers can stream music from online sources too and their size is also convenient for travelling purposes. A home which has a proper wireless internet connection can easily connect with smart speakers and use it for many purposes.  

BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) Certification is a mandatory certification for a few products which also include smart speakers. BIS certification for electronics is a valuable asset in many ways because it improves the brand reputation and builds consumer trust. This certification increases the sales of the product too. Smart speakers are covered under the BIS Compulsory Registration Scheme (CRS) under IS 616:2017.

This signifies that all smart speakers must be BIS-certified before they can be manufactured, sold, or imported into India. This certification also ensures that smart speakers meet specific quality and set of safety standards. Manufacturers who obtain BIS certification for smart speakers reduce cases of product safety issues. 

Why is BIS Registration for Smart Speakers necessary? 

BIS Certification Scheme is a voluntary scheme but for a few products it is mandatory. The Bureau of Indian Standards is the national standards body of India and the Compulsory Registration Scheme is run under the BIS Regulation, 2018. BIS Registration is essential for Smartphones, mobile devices, Automotive batteries, LPG regulators, Power banks, LED lighting products, Medical gloves, medical devices, Electric pumps for agriculture, smart speakers, LPG stoves, and more. 

BIS registration or certification for smart speakers is necessary for many important reasons such as this certification ensures that the product functions and specifications are fulfilling the standards. Not only this, but it also protects the consumer in many ways because it assures consumers that the smart speakers they are purchasing have been tested and meet all qualities and set of safety standards. The BIS certification for smart speakers also allows the manufacturers to expand their business and get other benefits too. 

However, it is always recommended to get the help of a consultant to obtain the BIS Certification for smart speakers. For understanding the entire process of this certification you can get help from Induce India. So, this company is a BIS Certification consultant in India which gives proper guidance and knowledge about this Certification and reduces the chances of application rejection. 

Documents required for the BIS Registration for Smart Speakers

Every process needs a few documents for the verification of the product. Documents that are needed for the BIS Registration for Smart Speakers are the Business License of the manufacturing unit of the product, the Filled CDF/CCL form the Constructional Data Form and Component Characteristics List, the BIS application form, the Business License, ISO certificate of the manufacturer, Test Reports, Trademark Authorization Letter, Trade Mark Certificate, Photo ID of Authorised Indian Representative, product specifications in detail report, Technical Specification Sheet of Product.

Steps of BIS Registration for Smart Speakers

The process of BIS Registration is different for Foreign Manufacturers and Indian Manufacturers. For a foreign Manufacturer, there is a need to appoint an AIR so that he or she performs all the duties on his behalf. Then, the BIS Registration Form must be submitted by the applicant with proper information and documents. Later on, product samples are submitted for testing to BIS-approved labs. After this, manufacturers have to collect test reports and then submission of those reports is essential in the BIS office. These reports are checked and verified by the officials at the BIS office. After verification, the BIS office grants BIS Certification to that specific Smart speaker.

On the other hand, the process of BIS Registration for Smart Speakers for Indian Manufacturers begins with BIS application submission and necessary documents. Later on, the manufacturer has to submit samples to the BIS-approved lab, and after verification of samples, the test reports are given to the manufacturer for submission in the BIS office. The BIS officials then check all the reports, product specifications as well and other documents and then issue the BIS Certification for Smart speakers.

The BIS Certification for smart speakers ensures that the specifications of smart speakers are trustworthy in terms of safety and quality. BIS certification is responsible for the standardisation and testing too. BIS certification is an important tool for consumers in many ways as it helps them to identify and purchase safe and better quality smart speakers. When consumers see the BIS certification mark on a smart speaker, they can buy that product because it has been tested and certified by a recognized body. This certification ensures that all products are safe to use for the customers and meet specific standards.

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