BIS/ISI Certification For Aluminium Foils

BIS/ISI Certification For Aluminium Foils

Whether it is food packaging or storing, you might use aluminum foils for many purposes in your household work. The aluminum foil you are using must be of high quality and safe for usage. To ensure the quality and safety of certain items, the Bureau of Indian Standards has made it mandatory to get certified with an ISI certificate. Well, ISI certification is not only for aluminum foil but also for pressure cookers, water heaters, geysers, and more. Let’s understand how as a manufacturer you can obtain BIS/ISI certification for aluminum foils. 

What are the Key Requirements for BIS ISI certification? 

A few documents are needed for BIS ISI for aluminum foil such as a copy of the partnership deed or MOA, GST, and MSME with proper mention of about office and factory address, premises document, ent agreement, and list of machinery. 

The marking on the package must contain these components- 

  1. Manufacturing Date – It means the date on which the foil was produced. 
  2. Batch Number- a unique identification number that is assigned to each batch of aluminum foil. 
  3. Grade- this defines the quality level of the aluminum foil 
  4. Manufacturing Name- the name of the company producing the aluminum foil.  

What are the Benefits of obtaining BIS ISI certification? 

There are many benefits of obtaining BIS ISI certification as it is a symbol of trust and reliability that assures the product can be used without any doubt for safety. It also ensures that the product is safe for your health and does not contain harmful substances. It also builds consumer confidence and encourages them to choose your certified products over others. As a manufacturer, it is a valuable investment for your business, and it reduces the chances of fines or legal disputes. It also ensures consistent quality. 

Which Quality tests are conducted before Obtaining BIS ISI for Aluminum foil? 

These tests are conducted by BIS to provide a guarantee of the quality, standard, and reliability of the product. Material test, a test of lubricants, a test of dimension, a test of defects, a test of surface condition, tensile property, and a pinhole count test.  

Which documents are required for obtaining ISI for Almunium Foil? 

Registration certificate of the company, receipt of the property tax, insurance policy of the company, rent agreement if you have a rented property, phone and electricity bill, bank statement, bank statement, voter ID, driving license, complete list of manufacturing machines, copy of calibration certificate of testing equipment, and test report. ISI Certification Consultant offers comprehensive support from start to finish during the documentation process. 

What is the Procedure for obtaining BIS/ISI Certification For Aluminium Foils? 

The process to obtain a BIS ISI for aluminum foil is as follows – 

The first step is product code has to be selected as per the standards of ISI. The manufacturer has to recognize the ISI standard code for the product. An application form must be filled out accurately with the relevant product code. All the required documents along with the required fees for certification and assessment of the product and manufacturing industry have to be submitted with the application form. After the verification and assessment of the factory industry the submission of the application form. Then submit the form, the inspection team and authorized person will visit the factory and assess checking quality and standards. 

The product sample is collected by a BIS officer and is submitted to the BIS-approved lab for product testing. After submission of the product, the tests are conducted by the authorized laboratory. The manufacturer has to collect the test report from the Lab and submit it to the BIS.  After receiving the test reports, BIS will check all the details as per IS- 15392. After the product is found accurate as per the standards then BIS ISI for Aluminium foil. 


To obtain this certification, a BIS Certification Consultant can help by providing multiple benefits and assistance throughout the process. Their expertise and navigation at every step of the process ensure smooth and streamlined documentation. The aluminum foil you are using must be of high quality and safe for usage and you can ensure it with ISI certification for aluminum foil. 

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