BIS Certification for Morpholine IS 12084:2018

BIS Certification for Morpholine

BIS certification has become crucial in the present world, for all businesses especially those dealing with chemicals. However, obtaining a BIS certificate for your product is as daunting as its level of importance. But, with proper guidance, it can become much more manageable and easy to follow. 

In this article, you will learn every aspect in detail of acquiring this certification. You will also understand the importance of this certification and how to fulfill the requirements.

What is BIS certification?

The Bureau of Indian Standards or BIS was a new title transformed from the Indian Standard Institute (ISI) in 1987. It is a mark of quality and conformity to standards set by the Bureau of Indian Standards. BIS gives an official symbol to the manufacturers known as the ISI mark. 

This mark indicates that a product meets the standard set by the Indian government and ensures that it meets the specified quality and safety standards. You can take it as a stamp of approval for industrial goods. The product must pass the BIS test and certification to obtain that ISI mark. 

You must be clear about  BIS certification but you need to get familiar with Morpholine, too.

What is Morpholine?

Morpholine (C4H9NO) is a chemical used in industries as a helper ingredient in many products such as detergents, cosmetics, and even pharmaceuticals. Morpholine helps these products by increasing their shelf life and also making them work better. But, you need to handle it carefully since it can harm people and the environment. 

You must also know that as per IS 12084:2018, all morpholine must now adhere to the required ISI Certification Scheme. This standard describes specific specifications and guidelines for sampling and testing procedures that are applicable to Morpholinne when used as a corrosion inhibitor in boiler waters.

Also, without the ISI mark the product cannot be legally marketed, imported, or exported within the Indian consumer market

Now, that you are familiar with both terms, you can go through the step-by-step process of obtaining a BIS certificate for Morpholine.

Before jumping directly into the process of certification first make sure that you have the necessary documents prepared. 

As per IS standard IS 12084:2018, all morpholine must now adhere to the required ISI Certification Scheme. This standard delineates specific specifications and provides guidelines for sampling and testing procedures applicable to morpholine when employed as a corrosion inhibitor in boiler waters. Without the ISI Mark, the product cannot be legally marketed, imported, or exported within the Indian consumer market.

Documents Required for BIS Certification

General Documents

  • Company registration certificate
  • Manufacturing process details
  • Address proof of manufacturing unit
  • Quality control measures
  • Test reports from certified laboratories

Product Specific Documents

  • Product Drawings
  • Packaging details
  • Test Reports
  • Certificate of Analysis
  • Quality control plan

Process Of BIS Certification

As soon as you have prepared the necessary documents and reviewed them thoroughly you can start with the next process.

Application Submission

The first step in getting the certificate is to fill out and submit the application form along with the necessary documents requested by the BIS office.

You can read the detailed BIS registration process from filling out the application to submitting it, here:

Fill Up the Prescribed Application Form

  • Get the prescribed application form from BIS.
  • Fill it accurately, avoid all the errors.
  • Ensure that the information provided is correct and updated.¬†

Gather Necessary Documentation

  • Refer to the checklist of documents required, (also mentioned above).
  • Gather all the necessary documents,
  • Make sure you have duplicate copies of all the documents.

Nominate and Authorize Indian Representative (AIR)

  • Fill out the prescribed nomination form for¬† an Authorized Indian Representative
  • Nominate a suitable individual or entity to act as the authorized Indian representative.

Check Application Completeness

  • Thoroughly review the application form before submitting it to the authorities;
  • Don‚Äôt leave any error or omission in the application form as it may lead to rejection of the application;

Submit the Application

  • As the last step, submit the application with all the documents and their duplicate copies;
  • Don’t forget to include the nomination form of AIR;
  • Submit the form along with the required fees.

Sample Testing

As soon as you have submitted the application and BIS receives it, they will conduct testing for samples to ensure that everything mentioned in the application is correct and the test results are genuine.

Factory Inspection

BIS professionals may also conduct an on-site inspection in your manufacturing unit This is usually done to ensure that all the prescribed security and quality standards are maintained by the manufacturer.

Grant of Certification

Upon successful completion of all the tests and inspections, you will get the BIS certification for Morpholine.  

This was the whole process of obtaining the BIS certification, it may look you a daunting task because you cannot afford error in any step. So, if you are a bit concerned and doubtful and are looking for someone’s guidance or assistance you can check out our services.¬†

We are the ones who provide BIS certification to domestic as well as overseas manufacturers. We can act as a BIS registration consultant for your business and product. 

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Process of Foreign Manufacturers

Here is a step-by-step process for obtaining a BIS certification from foreign manufacturers:

Application procedure

Foreign manufacturers can apply for BIS certification through an online platform where they can submit the form online along with the necessary documents.

Sample Testing and Analysis

Sample of Morpholine produced overseas are tested and analyzed to make sure that it meets the prescribed safety and quality standards set by Indian standards.

Factory Inspection

BIS officials may conduct an on-site factory inspection to ensure that all the standards are met with honesty and compliance.


In conclusion, a BIS certificate is mandatory for all domestic as well as overseas manufacturers dealing with Morpholine. It approves that your product meets the quality and safety standards set by the Indian standards. 

By following the procedure with full commitment and honesty you will easily get the BIS certification without any hustle, and if you are thinking of getting assistance from a trusted source then you can definitely reach out to us. 

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