BIS CRS Certification for LED Television

BIS CRS Certification for LED Television

As the demand for LED TVs increased in India, the BIS CRS Certification is a mandatory certification for all LED televisions which are manufactured and imported in India. The basic purpose of this certification is to ensure customers that the televisions meet the BIS safety standards. 

Let me clarify to you that BIS CRS Certification for LED TV includes many benefits not only for manufacturers but also for consumers. For this certification you can consult with Induce India,  we have a lot of experience in this field and you can easily get to know about the process of Certification. As BIS CRS Certification for LED Television ensures that your products fulfil the BIS standards and you are able to sell them legally in the Indian markets. 

What are the benefits of BIS CRS Certification for LED Television? 

There are many benefits of BIS CRS Certification. One of them is quality and safety assurance for consumers. This also leads to the BIS standards for safety and performance. Infact, it also ensures consumers that the product which they are buying is safe to use. 

Secondly, It shows that the manufacturer’s products meet the sets of standards related to quality and safety and so it also attracts more customers and gets higher sales. Not only this, it also ensures that customers only buy genuine products that meet the highest standards.¬†

Thirdly, Many countries require that imported products meet certain safety standards and products must have BIS CRS Certification which defines that the product meets standards.

Whereas if we discuss BIS certification for electronics then it also offers many benefits such as quality and safety for consumers, Access to government tenders, and increased opportunities. And, Here comes Induce India which helps during the certification procedure in the right way so that your journey becomes easier in order to get a certificate. 

Which documents are required for the BIS Certification?

For BIS Certification it is required that you have to apply with few documents to verify every perspective. Generally, the documents which are required are detailed product specifications, test reports from an accredited BIS laboratory, a manufacturer ISO (International Organization for Standardization) certificate, factory audit report. Including these documents and other documents such as the Nomination Letter of AIR (Authorized Indian Representative). 

Remember that if you are writing a nomination letter for AIR then remember to be specific about the nominee’s qualifications, nominee’s skills, and abilities, then Proofread the letter. Other documents are a Trademark Certificate, undertaking regarding the product, Authorized Indian Letter, and testing documents which are filled CCL (Commerce Control List) and CDF (Constructional Data Form).¬† As the documentation process is a crucial part of getting a certificate Induce India will provide you with guidance during this step.¬†

What is the registration process for BIS CRS certification?

First, Identify the product as BIS establishes sets of standards for every product which are required to find the right IS standard for the product. 

Then all the documents and details of the product must be submitted for verification and assessment. 

Thirdly, charges of application fee should be paid during application submission. After this, a BIS inspector will visit your factory to inspect your production facilities and quality control system.

Later on, BIS registration will be granted if the verification gets completed and BIS licensing authorities find every information is correct. 

You must keep in mind that BIS certification for LED Television is valid for 2 years only and renewal on time is also an important part of it and you can connect with Induce India to get a complete guide for the certificate. 

Why does a BIS CRS certificate get rejected?

There are many reasons why the BIS CRS certificate gets rejected and if a BIS CRS certificate is rejected, the manufacturer will need to take immediate action and have to reapply for BIS certification. Let us define you for which reasons it happens- 

  • If the product does not meet the applicable BIS sets of standards.¬†
  • If the manufacturer has not paid the required fees.
  • If the manufacturer has not submitted all of the required documents for application submission.
  • If the factory inspection report is not satisfactory.

That’s why you must take proper guidance for BIS certification for LED Television from the best team to get success.

What is the renewal and validity of the BIS CRS Certification?

The renewal application fee for BIS CRS Certificate is ‚āĻ1000, the Government processing fee is ‚āĻ43,000 and the Product testing fee is ‚āĻ25000 whereas, the annual registration fee is ‚āĻ2000 which has 2 years of validity.¬†

Why should you choose Induce India for this certification? 

There are not one or two reasons why you should choose Induce India. In fact, there are many reasons behind it. 

Expertise РInduce India has consultants and team members who have knowledge like depth of understanding of the ocean of the BIS standards and we can help you ensure that your products meet the requirements. 

Network РNot only this we also have a network of many laboratories that can conduct the necessary testing and help you in assessments too. 

Experience – We have many years of experience in helping businesses to obtain BIS certification and our experienced consultants are familiar with the BIS CRS certification process and can guide you through every step of this way.

Cost-effectiveness Process РWe offer less pricing and we can also help you save money for this certification. We also offer a satisfaction guarantee so that your certification offers you a lot of benefits. 

With our convenient service, you can focus on your business and its growth. With our help, you can get your product certified quickly and easily. 

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