BIS Certification for Health and Wellness Brands

BIS certification for health and wellness brands.

BIS certification has become necessary for all businesses looking forward to gaining new customers’ trust and getting a chance to sell, and export products in the Indian market.

Not all businesses need to have BIS certification for their products, but many do need to have a BIS certification for their products, otherwise, all their business activities will be considered illegal and they will not be able to build a strong customer base.

Businesses having products related to health and wellness brands need to acquire BIS certification. They can even check on the main portal of BIS certification, if their product category is mentioned in the list or not. If yes, then you need to get a BIS certification.

In this article, you will learn about BIS certification, its importance, the product category under health and wellness, and the process of acquiring BIS certification.

What is BIS Certification?

The Bureau of Indian Standards or BIS was a new title transformed from the Indian Standard Institute (ISI) in 1987. It is a mark of quality and conformity to standards set by the Bureau of Indian Standards. BIS gives an official symbol to the manufacturers known as the ISI mark.

This mark indicates that a product meets the standards set by the Indian government and ensures that it meets specific quality and safety standards. You can consider it a stamp of approval for industrial goods. The product must pass the BIS test and certification to obtain the ISI mark.

Why BIS Certification is Important?

Businesses that sell their products in India need to gain customers’ trust. And without BIS certification it is hard to achieve the same. Not only this there are multiple reasons why every business should acquire BIS certification for their products. Some are given below:

  • Quality Assurance: BIS certification helps ensure that your products meet all the quality standards set by Indian standards and are safe for consumers. 
  • Market Access: It is mandatory for some products, otherwise the business won’t be able to market them in India. It will be treated as illegal if done. 
  • Customer’s trust: Noticing BIS certification on your products can build trust in customers’ minds, which can help your business to grow easily in the new, market. 
  • Competitive Edge: BIS certification differentiates your products from your competitors allowing you to stand out from your competitors.

Products in Health and Wellness Requiring BIS Certification

You must be clear about the importance of BIS certification. Now go through the products that are involved in the health and wellness category and require BIS certification.

  1. Medical Devices (IS 23485): ECG machine (IS 13450 (Part 2/Sec 25):2018 IEC 60601-2-25:2011), X-ray equipment (IS 7620 (Part-1), and other diagnostics tools. 
  2. Health Supplements and Nutraceuticals: Specific standards must be met regarding composition and safety.
  3. Fitness equipment: Treadmill, exercise bikes, and other fitness equipment
  4. Water purifiers: Different types of water purification products also need to meet the quality and safety standards set by Indian standards. 

What is the Process of Acquiring BIS certification?

The process of acquiring BIS certification may be daunting. According to the BIS certification consultant in India, it is very important to follow each step of the process while obtaining BIS certification for your products.

Below is the step-by-step process of obtaining BIS certification:

  • Application Submission: The first step in getting the certificate is to fill out and submit the application form along with the necessary documents requested by the BIS office.
  • Product Testing: As soon as you have submitted the application and BIS receives it, they will conduct testing for samples to ensure that everything mentioned in the application is correct and the test results are genuine. Here, your product will be tested in the BIS-authorized lab.
  • Factory Inspection: BIS professionals may also conduct an on-site inspection in your manufacturing unit This is usually done to ensure that all the prescribed security and quality standards are maintained by the manufacturer.
  1. Grant of Certification: Upon successful completion of all the tests and inspections, you will get the BIS certification for your product
  2. Renewal and Surveillance: The license needs to be renewed periodically as soon as the previous one expires. Conduct periodic surveillance so that you maintain full honesty and don’t face any future risk to your business in this part. 


BIS certification is mandatory for many businesses, they cannot skip this part if they wish to stand for long in the market. Today customers are aware of all the rights and safety standards hence they will not opt for your product until and unless you have genuine proof that your product is safe for them. Following the above method you can acquire your BIS certification easily.

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