ISI Mark Certification For Linear Alkyl Benzene

ISI Mark Certification For Linear Alkyl Benzene

Linear Alkyl Benzene (LAB) is a chemical compound that is widely used as a raw material in the production of biodegradable detergents. LAB is a type of organic compound that belongs to the family of alkyl benzenes, which are derivatives of benzene.

Besides its use in detergents, LAB also finds applications in the production of other chemical intermediates, such as sulfonates and phenols, which are used in the manufacture of synthetic resins, plastics, and rubber.

The production of Linear Alkyl Benzene involves the reaction of benzene with an alkylating agent such as linear olefins in the presence of a catalyst. The resulting product is then purified to remove impurities and is used as a raw material for the production of detergents.

ISI Mark Certification For Linear Alkyl Benzene is preferred over other types of alkyl benzenes because it has better biodegradability and is less toxic to aquatic organisms. It is also easier to handle and transport due to its liquid state at room temperature. LAB has a wide range of applications in the detergent industry and is an important component of many household cleaning products.

 But did you know? To ensure quality, Linear Alkyl Benzene must have the ISI Mark, which can only be obtained through testing and certification by the standards set by the Bureau of Indian Standards (Govt. of India) as outlined in Indian Standards IS 12795: 2020.

India’s national standards body, the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), operates under the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food, and Public Distribution. It was established in 1987 through an Act of Parliament, and its headquarters are located in New Delhi.¬†

The primary objective of BIS is to formulate and promote the adoption of standards in various industrial, commercial, and societal sectors to enhance the safety, reliability, efficiency, and quality of products and services. BIS also operates a certification scheme, under which it grants licenses to manufacturers for products that meet the prescribed standards. 

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