BIS Certification for Precipitated Barium Carbonate

BIS Certification for Precipitated Barium Carbonate

In today’s global market, certification has become truly important for all businesses dealing with any product. No business can survive or stay in the market without a certificate proving the standard quality of the product.

Today, the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) certificate acts as a hallmark of quality and obedience. Companies try hard to obtain this certificate to show their honesty and commitment to meeting Indian Regulatory Standards. 

If you are dealing in the business of precipitated barium chloride and wish to obtain the BIS certification, then you are at the right place. This guide will provide you with the right guidance and understanding to achieve this certification.

But, before jumping on directly to the steps you need to know what is BIS certification and what is precipitated barium carbonate.

Understanding BIS Certification

In the year 1987, the Indian Standard Institute (ISI) transformed and was bestowed with the new title of Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS). The official symbol given by the BIS to manufacturers is called the ISI Mark. This mark indicates that a product meets the standard set by the Indian government. You can understand it as a stamp of approval for industrial goods. Manufacturers are not allowed to use the ISI mark until and unless the product passes the required tests and certifications by the BIS.

What is Precipitated Barium Carbonate

This is a white, odorless chemical compound with a molecular formula of BaCO3 used in various applications and processes, including the production of ceramic, glass, and specialty chemicals. Its unique properties make it necessary in several industrial processes, driving the need for strict quality measures including BIS certification.

You must have got a very clear idea about both the important terms on which this whole guide is about. Let’s now jump on to the main topic!

Step-by-Step Guide to Obtaining BIS Certification for Precipitated Barium Carbonate

To obtain BIS certification first you need to fulfill some of the key requirements:

  • Quality standards: Your product should meet the specifications outlined in the corresponding IS code for precipitated Barium Carbonate.
  • Testing and Documentation: Before the product gets approval it undergoes necessary testing to make sure that it meets all the necessary standards. The testing process includes checking its properties and features from scratch and also writing down all the data of how the product was made and what were steps taken to check its quality.
  • Factory Inspection: BIS may conduct an on-site inspection to make sure that the manufacturing facility is taking all the prescribed measures.

 These were the key requirements that you need to fulfill before starting with the step-by-step process of obtaining BIS certification.

Step 1: Familiarise Yourself with IS Code Requirements:

Start by thoroughly reviewing the relevant Indian Standard code applicable to precipitated Barium Carbonate. Read down the whole specification and parameters outlined therein to align your manufacturing process accordingly.

Step 2: Quality Assurance Measure

Implement best quality measures within your manufacturing facility to make sure that consistency is maintained in product quality. This can be done by installing advanced machinery, employing qualified personnel and skilled labor, and formulating strict quality control protocols.

  • Conducting Product Testing

Get certified labs to thoroughly test your samples of precipitated barium carbonate and make sure that the test results match the rules laid out in the IS code.

  • Document Preparation

Here in this step, you need to prepare a detailed document of the manufacturing process, quality control procedure, and test results. The documentation must be thorough and accurate otherwise any error may cause problems in demonstrating compliance with BIS standards during the certification process.

  • Application Submission

In this step, you need to apply for BIS certification with all the documentation you have prepared so far along with the test reports. Kindly pay attention to the accuracy and completeness of your documentation so there is no chance of delay or rejection.

  • Factory Inspection

Prepare for an on-site inspection of your manufacturing facility by BIS professionals. Make sure to cooperate with the officials and solve all their queries and misunderstandings if any.

  • Certificate Issuance

When every step is followed perfectly without any mistakes and everything is completed successfully, BIS will issue the BIS certification mark for precipitated barium carbonate, clearly stating its compliance with Indian standards.


In conclusion, obtaining a BIS certificate for your product is a meticulous process, some might get stuck in the middle of any step or some might feel unconfident to even start the process, if you are feeling somewhat similar then here is the solution. You can hire any BIS certification consultant for more ease.

Getting a consultant will be beneficial for you since they carry expertise in this field and they know the complexities you may face in the procedure, so if you have little doubts about starting this all alone, then book a consultation now!

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